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    Psycoabc reacted to Lethys in do you guys like Louis Ck?   
    Never heard of him before
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    Psycoabc reacted to bastanold in Looking for an (smaller) Org   
    Hey, folks, just realized I'm still getting offers from orgs out there. Many thanks to you all! I have found an org, Objective Driveyards. It's pretty much what I was looking for, a good group. See you all out there, somewhere!
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    Psycoabc reacted to ATMLVE in The beginning   
    Those beginning days will be priceless... Literally, like so valuable. It'll be the only time in the game's history that the circumstances will be as they are then; forever after things will be different, and anyone who is there at the beginning of the game, when there is nothing, will have elite status forever.
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    Psycoabc reacted to Warden in The beginning   
    In the end, group mentalities will likely dominate. To be expected.
    If I have an organization or alliance, I'll focus on them instead and then anyone else. In short, likely countless groups will try to get off the rock and find a place on their own out there - and then there'll likely be public projects to establish transportation off-world initially before other things and infrastructure get established.
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    Psycoabc got a reaction from Max_Carpenter in The beginning   
    There are going to be a shitload of players spawning and it's best if we work together to figure out how to build a ship and inhabit a planet.
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    Psycoabc got a reaction from Atmosph3rik in There is more to the game than destruction   
    I'm going to be an npc of the game and create ruins, clues, quests for players. I had an idea of having tribal people on a planet that have no idea about space. They have limited language so it would be hard to talk with them. But you will be rewarded if you figure out how to help them.
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    Psycoabc reacted to Picardnado in How are you going to play the game?   
    So me personally, I like the idea of building an empire, claiming a planet and working with groups of fans to recreate things from famous sci fi shows and movies, sending out huge famous ships like the enterprise and star destroyers filled with people to mine out other planets and return home with the materials to keep building more ships and bigger cities, obviously all that depends on the community so I was wondering what you guys where planning to do? Build a home or just explore endlessly?
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