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  1. image.jpeg.833edc73e6f093cc166221fd6403be3d.jpeg


    I started to sell some stuff. You can find this on Market Alioth District 5. Will slowly expand, so I will post regularly. So, if you are the lucky one who visits this post, maybe it's useful to you 👍

  2. Hello guys, 


    I wanted to post a new one when I got my first 100 million, but sadly, I stopped when I saw that I entered the fifth month, May, and ended with just 80 million. I played once a week, gathering all the stuff the mining units had produced. As you know, it's not a fast-money business, lol. 


    With the money, I built a tower with a landing platform at 1 km height; it's much easier for my gravity ships. I still don't know why they created that system that way; it will only motivate players to develop high structures that are a pain for many flying pilots, and now I have also joined this club. I plan to build a ship, an L-core and M-core combined, with a gravity system, but I will use it as a permanent flying base. Sadly, it will be a brick if it's on the ground, so I'm thinking of using a rocket system to get it off the ground whenever that happens. 


    Until next time


  3. image.thumb.jpeg.2e987e701ef8b0f2754d36d4960f3d03.jpeg


    Welcome to 2024, my new fresh post this year. I'm back for more self-punishment...


    My struggles are just not ending with this too-high-level game for me (partly noob).  I built a more compact, overengineered spaceship that doesn't use too much fuel, can fly faster than 1000 km/h, and, at last, can use all the plugins linked to the chair.  Also, I found out that having seven tiles for mining is overrated. It doesn't make you very rich 🤷‍♂️, and calibrating each week takes almost an hour, ugh.


    I managed to install a script for the cockpit, but I'm not too fond of LUNA programming (I hate it), especially since I found out there isn't a good script for automatic landing gear. Since the update for scripts, they are all not working (what I found on the web), and I have no idea how to get it working. (Why the heck is it replaced with Raycast?)  I don't know why they didn't just add a fast function for the telemeter, just like they did for the lights. Just add a value, link it with some logic, and we are done, just like I did with a door. But, no, you need to script it. Not easy for a noob like me. It's a missed chance if you ask me.


    Cya guys 



  4. Restrictions and restrictions, disappointments and disappointments.  I'm at this moment not a happy player.  I don't know which target audience the developers had in mind, but I think it is a tiny group. Why? Programming is necessary when you want more, but I have no talent for programming. The building system isn't for beginners. Getting money isn't easy, and the unstable player-driven economy doesn't improve it. Everything takes too much time, from factories to talents. And Uncle Scrooge has a big hand in this problem. Even the talents are influenced by Uncle Scrooge. Nothing has a wow factor. 


    Most of the time, I'm confronted with a problem of the limit of plugins.  Because I use a lot of fuel tanks, it will take up too many lines. I guess it can be done with a personal LUA script, and yes, that is a problem. 


    I found out that bigger and faster also need a lot of fuel.  I am not motivated anymore to build a bigger one. It would hit my wallet very hard. 


    The last straw that broke the camel's back was the latest talent that I got.  'Calibration Charge Efficiency Level 5' Since I got this, I see that I'm more unlucky than ever with calibrating my MU's. Getting the 100 spot is very difficult now. Why? This isn't improving; this is trolling!


    At this point, my financial situation in the game is also uncertain. So, I'm unsure If I want to go on or stop playing this game. The most fun was building the spaceships, but now... bankrupting is on the horizon unless I go mindless grinding for rocks again or sell the stones of the MU instead of creating fuel.  Is this fun?


    Cya guy, maybe...














    My ship project is almost done. The hull is practically completed, and I'm happy with it. I don't know what you guys think of it, but for me, it gives an old retro vibe, but I like it. It's something new for me, who always worked with less-rounded ships 😁


    Nonetheless, this project gave me a lot of trouble. Many disfigured blocks were and are a pain for me, and I often needed to copy-paste to correct the shape, especially a straight wall against the round hull. 


    I'm still working on the interior and need to recolour parts of the hull. But as I said, it's almost done. I called a carrier ship, but it's too small for it. Just call it my flying home base 🤷‍♂️ It has everything you need, from repair options to search for an asteroid (but I never will take this ship for that job!) 


    This is a new milestone in building for me, but man, it's tough. It's not my cup of tea if you would ask me. Too many problems with the voxels! Incredibly complex forms like round things! I needed to use prefab forms from a third party for this; I can't create these things by myself 🤷‍♂️


    Hopefully, it will prove his usefulness in the coming jobs, 


    Cya guys





  6. image.thumb.jpeg.329986fe70f0b69c3c864d54a5096aed.jpeg




    This is a small update on the progress of my small carrier ship.  The ships can be parked directly under the bridge.  It's looking nice, but because the length is a bit small, I'm almost tempted to name this ship "Stumpy". It would be more impressive if it were longer, but you can't have it all. The weight will probably increase, so more engines will probably be added on the sides. I hope it will not look too ugly with that. 🤷‍♂️


    Cya guys






    My new ship project is going slow but good. It's a small carrier ship with many tools, warp, gravity, and more. 

    It has two stairwells just for fun (I know elevators are quick and easy), and I'm working on the corridors and chambers now. The hull is also less blocky. Still thinking about how to add more variation to the hull.  Together it has 7 floors, but because of all the additions, there is surprisingly less space for rooms etc. 


    Cya guys






  8. image.thumb.jpeg.0b522a1678c9ba23123f4ed2b64cda91.jpeg


    Building a ship with prefabs was a solution that I came up with.  It was so easy with Space Engineers; it was just made up of premade blocks. It was easy and fast. But with DU, that is not that simple. Since then, I've been building blocks I can use with copy-paste. 


    But one thing is that everything looks smaller than it is when working from the first-person perspective. As you can see from the screenshot, you will make things bigger than needed.  This corridor block can easily be used for a capital ship but not for smaller buildings. 


    Another fact is that the ships are not big. If you build cubes, then yes, they have a lot of space, but in length, they are small, laughable small. 

    Here are the numbers in length:

    XS = 15.75 meters 

    S = 31.75 meters

    M = 65.75 meters

    L = 127.75 meters

    and XL would probably be 255.75 meters


    The M version is a small Boeing 747, not even the biggest one.

    The XL (if it would be possible in  DU) would probably compare to an old carrier ship. The modern ones are longer. 


    Cya guys



  9. image.thumb.jpeg.97bcc4b69dae956ed31b143dbf9914a4.jpeg


    Talent points, achievements and Uncle Scrooge... what do they have in common? They are all stingy!


    It is some time since I posted something. Seriously, I just lost steam and motivation because of this, especially about the talent point system. I have three tiles on Alioth now, and I know they cost more money than the mining units can produce.  And I have 19 MU together on that planet, which is still insufficient. That's because I can't calibrate them each day.  And that means I have to put even money into it. So this system is working with money loss. But my goal is still to be a Fuel seller, even if it costs me money for now. The reason why it is on Alioth is pure logistics. Too much travelling between planets that will take hours of my time. 


    But my point is I focused my talent points on the things that needed to be improved to produce Kergon. Refiners, miners and the factory that produces the Kergon.  But all together is still 59 days of twiddling with my thumbs for me. And that's only a fraction of all the available talents. Do you see the problem? Too much time is needed. I want to bet that it will take more than a year, maybe years before you gather all the available talents. I don't think that most players have that much patience 🤷‍♂️


    And the big joke is the achievements. It would have been better if they were just achievements. But no, you get points for them, but they are nothing! They are a joke. Just seconds for what you need for the cheapest thing you get for a talent. It Is like somebody didn't know what to do with it and thought, 'Nah, just put some numbers in it'. 🙄

    Better would have been more points or opening a hidden talent. (even if it cost you talent points). This is just a missed chance. 


    By the way, I have seen many of these mining units on tiles that lost their claim. They probably thought to get some money out of it, but it probably failed. 


    Meh, enough ranting, 


    Cya guys 

  10. image.thumb.jpeg.829321110626349fa49f79e5e73303d5.jpeg


    Yesterday I 'worked' a few hours on the South Pole. As expected, it's at this moment always dark but not too dark.  But I can imagine this will be tiresome if you have a base here and get to see this every day.  And you would be in for a long trip if you are from around the Alioth districts.  It will be shorter to fly higher and travel to outer space around Alioth. But I will go to the North Pole again next time, too much travel time for me.


    Cya guys



  11. image.thumb.jpeg.509dbefb42e9c6cf06afcdf5ae38dd7c.jpeg


    Crashed and burned, that's how the state was of a ship I encountered in the middle of nowhere in a rocky desert.  The pilot has probably died, too, seeing the state of that thing. I can only guess what happened: overloaded or just bad engineering? 😂

    Interestingly enough, you can repair it but not claim it or whatsoever in this case.  A nice option to give a stranger or friend a helping hand.


    Yesterday there was a nice event here at DU, but it was almost 12'o clock midnight, a little too late for me. I had to leave...


    Cya guys





  12. image.thumb.jpeg.39d883069ede78eda0810826286c189d.jpeg


    If you need some rare honycomb material, you can it find at Honeycomb Central. Today I visited this place and bought some useful stuff. They have practically everything, from tier 1 to 5. You can find it at  

    (  ::pos{0,2,37.7106,109.2352,62.5194} ) not far from Market 6 on Alioth. It is good for me, so I don't need to waste my time waiting in my factory. Well, get your fat wallet ready at least 😆


    Cya guys






    Visited today Alioth marktet 16. Bought there a container L. Nice building there btw, smells like money. Can you get a tour there? Playing a big corporation, 😂






    I see a lot of high-sky buildings. The big goal seems to seek the limits of building here on Dual Universe. Sometimes they are so detailed and big that It even lags my computer. 🤷‍♂️


    Btw, it seems I hit the limit on how much I can gather and sell. Also, very nice; I can gather so much ore until my large container is full, and my ship still flies around if it is nothing.  I found out at last a nice formula (F=m.a) on how to figure out how much my ship can handle. At last, for the next time, I know how to build my next ship without over-engineering it.  


    But talking about the limit. My gathering stones talents are maxed out. That means I can't work faster than it is. I can gather in one hour around 80.000 basic tier 1 ores, worth around 0.8 million quantas. But there isn't any growth potential anymore. I guess maybe the asteroids, but I don't like risky jobs.  So, that's it 🤷‍♂️. If I want to give Dual Universe a scale of 1-10, I will give it a 5 closer to 4.  Everything is limited and slowed down to the point I can call it painful. The limiting potential is especially the time that is needed to get the resources.  Most of your hours are spent gathering resources. (and waiting until your stupid factory is done).  And remember, they expect you to pay real money for a mind-numbing work simulator; this is crazy!!! 😠  Even a Trucker simulator is more fun because you're actively busy driving through the streets.  In space? Wow, nice nebula and stars? While twiddling your thumbs while flying almost 50.000 km/h?


    Ah well, the building is great, but the gathering, ugh. Thumbs down for that, especially if you're a paying player; my condolences to them...  


    Cya guys





  14. image.thumb.jpeg.b654568fe2fa789328187aca15633c0f.jpeg


    Do you want a treasure? You probably got it already. A very expensive painting, that's what you probably got in your base that you got on Haven.  I just checked the nice painting that I just want to recreate. Well, I can forget that, 🤣

    The rare casing xs that use fluor gives me already a raised eyebrow. 

    I'm almost tempted to sell it, but I don't even know how much you can ask for it.... ah well, let's keep it. My own treasure.


    Cya guys



    1. tlcjwb


      You can buy them on the market for < 30k

    2. -=DWM=-


      That's less than I would have expected 😅 

  15. image.thumb.jpeg.549a2a9684a859b303be3c72c1322df5.jpeg


    Visited today the top of the northpole of Alioth. I hoped to find a lot because there can maybe some strange effects in calculation etc. But there was nothing to find. Nothing, zero, nada. 🤷‍♂️


    But some lower on the Northpole circle I had more luck.




    But as you can expect, it's rough terrain, high cliffs deep valleys etc... Luckily, you can  still climb it. 


    Interesting fact, just like on Earth, this place doesn't know the night. Always daylight 😏 (unless I'm wrong, but I checked the shadows over the day) Maybe for the guys who hate the night perhaps? Unless they put also the summer winter period on the sun simulation. I suspect that the southpole is always dark, still need to check it out. 


    Cya guys.



    1. LegohamsterLP


      They once said there is a Summer, Winter cycle 

    2. -=DWM=-


      Interesting 🤔

  16. image.thumb.jpeg.efaeeb50908772cd3ada882c358c98ce.jpeg


    I slowly start to love my 'ugly' cargo ship. It's probably a case of over-enginering but it seems that it can handle a cargo  of 200t or more just fine. Top speed should have been around 1000 km/h but 900 km/h  is the highest that I can get out of it.  It has shield installed but I don't think I will take it to dangerous places. 

    I got my hands on complete gravity system, a 'small' generator and six repulsors. The shop that sell spaceships has also one with a gravity system but the price of 44 million, that's too much 😅. I don't plan to gather money for around 14 or more days to buy that ship. I just got the whole gravity system for 6 million. And I had to 'work' hours for it. 


    My next build project will be interesting. 


    Cya guys

  17. image.thumb.jpeg.c6eb674ee21896c978c5d0081dcedddd.jpeg


    Navigating through a busy building jungle. It's not a joke, but there are actualy really a lot of cores just hanging in the sky. Sometimes they are just what they are, just cores 😅 I found a small solution, with CTRL-V I added the buildings in my tile-view mode. And voila, automatic building detetection that you can't normally see. Very handy, especially in the dark. 




    Some places on Alioth have so many ores that I don't know where to start. Nice, today I earned  more then 2 million 👍 If you don't know where to look you will find nothing but I have a good nose.  I found also out that the server is sometimes slow. First you see nothing and when you wander back to your ship, yep, there they are 😆


    Cya guys


  18. image.thumb.jpeg.351c4dafcc14c362080acec08680246b.jpeg


    Misleading facts about Alioth. If you check the map of Alioth, you read some "usefull" information about this planet. It seems that it has Bauxite, Hematite, Coal, Quartz, Limestone and Acanthite. These facts put me on a missleading  path to buy some useless mining units, like the uncommon mining unit L and the advanced mining unit L. I must notice that about these mining units,  there's no information about ore Tier 1 to 3 use. Good luck with trying it out yourself... 


    So I hoped at least to get some Limestone with the uncommon mining unit... well, that was a bummer.  It seems that you can only get it via the stones on the surface, and that are the four basic ores and the two tier 2 Limestone and Malachite. Btw,  Acanthite is silver! I suspect this is just lazy forgotten info that isn't corrrected! 


    I hoped that the advanced mining unit L just just gave more production. That is a bummer too and just a miner for higher  tier ore.  So, this too, is misleading and none of this information you can find in the game, not even in the codex 😠 so far I know. 


    Really not very usefull, the codex 🤷‍♂️


    Cya guys





    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Koruzarius


      Come to Discord, ask questions 😃
      This is a very player driven game, you will face a lot of confusion and over-spending trying to sort out all the mechanics yourself.

    3. decom70


      All of those ores ARE on Alioth. However, you cannot find the on every tile. They are usually found together in "flower" patterns all over. You have to scan for them, using a territory scanner. Unfortunately, pretty much all have already been claimed by other players.

    4. -=DWM=-


      Nice, thanks guys. 👍But seriously, you expect to find these information in the codex or other written information, then to hear it from the experience of other players in Discord. Do you know how many starting players are put off by these things? Seriously, not everyone thinks about it and runs to Discord for this. Maybe they just say, nah, what a bad game? There is Malachite on the surface. Surface ores aren't  written on the map infomation and can be confused by ores that can be mined 🤷‍♂️


      And that probably all tiles with higher tier ore is found is a bummer too 😅

  19. image.thumb.jpeg.32371d78b41a39a20d67ab2839ca9d56.jpeg


    Very funny, how to park your ship in a busy airport...  I suspect this wasn't intentional 🤣


    What I don't like about flying to market 6 are all these high buildings.  Sometimes they just jump in your view, and if you don't fly high enough, well, I don't like to hit these things. I still need to fly my ship like an airplane you know. 


    Created my first large building static core, it took some while, but I managed it. You can really build a large construction with it. I leave it in my container for now, 😅









    Exlored a seafloor, there was really nothing to see or to find, it was more like the Dead Sea. But I found something interestingly, somebody dug a deep hole in the sea floor. Why, no idea 🤷‍♂️ You don't expect to find something like this... how much luck do I have to stumble on  this...






    The seas are empty and void, but at some places you find some interesting effects with plants and water. It looks better this way...


    Cya guys.


    1. Koruzarius


      In the olden days of beta, there was ore underground you could dig for. Some people when the game launched still thought there was and went digging for it. Probably found one of their holes!

    2. -=DWM=-


      🤔 Maybe for the best that they removed it. The whole planet would be turned into a digging field full of holes, death traps and caves where you can be lost. 







    Watching the ships of other players, always interesting. Some have really interesting details and shapes, I love to watch them. Hopefully I grow also to that level.  But it's a lot more different  then playing with blocks like the old Starmade or Space Engineers. 


    Another thing is that there's often more focus on functionality than interior. Often you can say, what a lot of space in this space-ship 😆


    My cargo ship is also more engine than interior. Of course it has to be if you need to lift off a lot of cargo. 


    Cya guys




    Every time when I use the shuttle station and just go and take the shuttle, I look never up. But then I noticed something. It says Alioth and moons. What moons? They go only to Haven, Alioth and Sanctuary. But then I noticed the elevators on the floor and yep, here I am, on the next level.  The doors you see open automatically, but there's nothing to see 🤷‍♂️


    Well, it seems the developers planned something, but never put it in the game. What could it be? Money, lazyness, or they didn't want us to make it 'easy'? Whatever, this gives me a bad vibe... I hope they will put it still later in the game...  hopefully. 


    1. Belorion


      Haven and Sanctuary are moons of Alioth ...

    2. -=DWM=-


      @Belorion It seems you're correct.  Haven and Sanctuary are moons. But on the space map they are not exactly written as a moon, and since Sanctuary and Alioth have also a small moon. What a crazy game setting. 








    Today I visited Kosmos Kosco  and went almost on a shopping spree. Lots to buy, lots to find, I like this shopping feeling, even if it is in a game 😂 Too bad you will not find the more exotic and rare things there. There are a lot of ships parked outside, but I think I was the only one there being shopping 🤷‍♂️. Ah well, it was fun. 



    Yesterday the space maiden voyage to Alioth went okay with my cargo ship. Sadly, the second trip to Sanctuary went bad after a crash landing because I was fiddling with the cruise setting. Next time I land it just like a space shuttle, like before. It really flies like a Boeing 747 and a Space shuttle. It's slow when it has a lot of cargo. Sadly after the bad landing, half of my engines were done for, and that included the big ones! What a way to end your day. I repared it today.


    At last I found out what these things were in my inventory, and I'm now a proud owner of two tiles on Sanctuary. Seems I missed the memo or something.  Now I have 3 free tiles and one payed on Alioth, and yet I have the feeling I'm still nowhere with my progression, 😆


    Cya guys



  24. Mining machines are worthless.... That's what I can only conclude after building a fuel factory and working with it for a few days. The max that the whole factory could produce was only 1000 l. of kergon a day. Now, isn't that an eye opening thing. 


    And then the strange but frustrating calibrating system. I'm good enough to get a chance of around 75 procent to find the 100 percent hot spot from calibrating all four of them.  There is always one that is more difficult. I found even out that the cone search option is not even 100% correct. I always start from the center.  Sometimes it's exactly the other side that has the spot.  Sometimes I'm right and then I can still find it, but it's tricky 🤷‍♂️ Ah, and the bonus you get is around 4000 ( in my case 4800),  with some luck you can produce more then 5000 l. kergon with it. 


    So, in fact, I can find more with just picking up stones than the whole four mining machines can produce. It's if it is just an afterthought for the game. So, let me guess, no respawn of ores in the field, the mining machines produce less then 1000 each day without callibrating. And you pay 500.000 each week for a piece of land? What a ripp-off. On an economical view, it's a dying struggle to go bankrupt, especially since it is not 100% sure that you can even sell the kergon or the ore to get the money together.  The only thing why I did it was because there isn't copper on Haven.


    cya guys

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    2. -=DWM=-


      Wow, okay that are a lot of reactions! Thanks for all the info, but the only thing, does all the ores even sell on the market? I just sold around 1100 malachite raw for around 203.000 that I collected, but they give mostly bargain prices. I will see. I mostly play solo, but I will think about it for joining an org but I like also a challenge how far I can go alone 👍

    3. RugesV


      Malachite is at a current low couple weeks ago it hit 300.  184 is not a bad price.  its above other T2's  1100m3 is a low amount.  Each T2 miner at max skills gets you 2,600m3 with max pickup skills thats 4,550 per t2 MU calibration. 


      Yea I was only tossing out numbers to show that MU's are actually quite valuable, And not as bad as you make them out to be in your OP.  Hope it helps.

    4. -=DWM=-


      @RugesV It really helps, thanks. It took a while, but I get slowly then hang of it. 



    Hunting stones in the dark goes well. I grinded for stones in a desert, but here on Alioth is another story in a forest.  In daylight you see less but when it is dark, and you turn off your own light, it is easy picking. They light up like uranium 😏

    Another great thing, picking up stones on free land on Alioth is not restricted like Haven. 👍


    Cya guys

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