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  1. I say do not let the world regenerate and lets see how long it takes the starting planet to look like Cyberton. A cored out world surrounded by layers of player made structures. Of course you wold prolly want some system for alternate starting world once more of them become heavily populated.
  2. To me, If the game is worth playing month after month, its worth paying a sub to do so. I love to lose myself in the game world and free to play games often times, in order to support themselves no problem with that, have game play or other mechanics that slice into that immersion.
  3. Super awesome! Now I am really looking forward to next year
  4. Hello! I do a lot of sci fi building in another voxel game but I am really looking forward to building in a game that is much more focused on the sci fi aspect of ascetics and story telling. Cant wait to see what the building experience and general game play is like in this game. Shattari.
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