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  1. I seen this thread has been quiet for a while but I was wondering if anyone had heard about the specifications for this game, like with all games I bet its a save say on release there will be a minimum and recommended spec, however, I would really like to try and play this game at its best and am therefore looking to upgrade around release date, so any info as to the current spec of the dev's machines that are used to run the game smoothly so that we know a ball park figure for awesome smooth gameplay would be great to know
  2. I think people will end up building practical, light, cheap to build and functional ships (to begin with anyway) as ships like a star destroyer whilst would look spectacular and be quite functional in a stand and fight capital ship will be well beyond even the major companies to start off with, therefore I will be going for ships more like the minmatar ships in EVE..... [.................. I was going to post a small pic here of an example but apparently I'm not allowed to post .jpg images in this community........... ] Cheap, simple and easy to produce and replace, am looking forward to playing around with some designs and seeing what awesome idea's people come up with
  3. This would be all good except that the starter area is safe and people won't be able to sort out the trouble makers so people will be able to run around causing mayhem. Maybe a complaint and police system e.g. if 10 people complain they get a 24 hour ban or something. Who knows but I forsee an issue lol
  4. I also think that names will end up being unique so things like bounties and reputation are traceable and reliable. However you will probably end up with titles and ranks to help you customiser so rather than just 'joe bloggs' you can become 'Admiral joe gloggs defender of metrocity' etc. Which will just have to do. Otherwise change accounts lol
  5. Yes I compleatly agree an fps mining would be amazing!! I was just daydreaming about designs and was thinking if asteroid mining becomes a thing (no idea if they are just going to be rocks or if there will atually be usable minerals in them) of build a roid eating ship that has refining capabilities and a hanger so people can in relative safety chew away at a roid (hopfully witht eh mining lazers just mentioned lol) and then refine the material and jump into speedy courier ship to cash in the good at a hub! Oh so much fun to be had!!! As for fuel I wonder how that is going to work/be created / processed etc as if things were engery based i would also love to create huge solar arrays...... so many questions!!
  6. I think the wrong game play aspect was taken on board here sorry guys, and while I never did mining AFK in EVE it was more the aspect of organisiation buying members ores at good contracted rates and organising group mining activities that I was trying to highlight not one person trying to run 6 six accounts AFK on 3 monitors as this is not EVE and I'm thankful for that lol The idea a organisation refining ship is appealing, the idea that a corp could effectivly set up a mining comunity in which players could come and go whilst all the time keep the gears turning for the corp...... time to get the pencil out an dstart some reinfery ship designs
  7. I personaly LOVE mining, back in my EVE days its mainly all I did, I would solo fly a mining fleet with orca's and hulks and strip mine entire belts, then sell the resources to my corp. I can see something like this happening here where ore rates are offered by organizations to their members and weekly mining ops are run by gangs to stock up on resources. Can't wait to get digging!
  8. Hey and thanks for the welcome, who are the alts that I need to make fun of then? and not too worry.... 99% of the time I'm nice and reputable I'm sure a limited amount of grow back will be needed at least around the start area as a I personally guarantee you will have some bright spark who will try and dig the arkship lol
  9. Thanks Yamamushi, really happy to be here. Have never gotten into a game from the ground up before so this is a great change. I'm watching those videos now and I will be happy to join you in discord for some chat once I'm done Cheers
  10. Hey all. Am new to the forum and only found out about the game a few days ago and super excited and just want talk about bits. Sorry if this stuff has been covered but after a browse of the forum and watching every vid i can find i have a few (ok hundreads) of ideas and topics to chat about but to start I'd like to ask about the ground... Is soil going to be a farmable resource? If i wanted to make an arboretum or space bio dome kinda thing is that possible? Will grass just spawn on placed soil? What about on the inside of something large say maybe a dysonsphere lol. Cheers
  11. I 100% agree with the above and sorry if this has already been stated but I'm new to the Forum and not read all the posts thus far, however upon reading the lore my mind also went to "yeah how likely is a direct collision or even a fly by"..... then I thought..... what if it wasn't an accident? possible space/time manipulation by an as yet undetailed extra terrestrial entities that like to play cosmic pool to wipe out any potential threat from a safe and non combative distance? Possible combat expansion / reason for future server re-sets if the similar were to happen again? Food for thought
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