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    maximpact reacted to maximpact in Fun Competition - Guess Alpha Testing Date   
    Yes that's right as the title says, this post is all about a FUN community competition to pick the exact date for when you expect (or hope) the alpha testing will go live and we'll be able to first play (even if only for testing)
    The "winner" will be the poster that picks the exact date, or where the exact date is not picked, the post that picks the absolute closest date before or after.
    The "date" will be measured as the first date that gold founder members are able to  log in to the Alpha testing servers.
    What do you get, well mad props of course for your un-canny and amazing forecast skillz. Of course, we'll also see those for which the glass is half empty or just decide to be widely pessimistic.
    I'm going to pick April 12 2017 for reasons and that we have holidays the following week
    So post your best guess alpha date.
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    maximpact reacted to yamamushi in Purchasing Pledges/DAC's as gifts to help with fundraising   
    I don't know how everyone else feels about this, but I would like the ability to start purchasing DAC's now to help with the fundraising. 
    I'm one of the people who has a high pledge already (Boosted Emerald) and so going to the next level will set me back ~$4000.
    Instead of doing that, or having to open a second account to pledge, I think it would be useful to be able to pledge in smaller increments by purchasing DAC's now ahead of release.
    In addition to that, I would love to be able to purchase pledges to give away. I know that technically you're not "buying" Alpha access with a pledge, it's more of a perk and a thank-you for pledging at all. However, I also know there are plenty of people out there who just don't have the financial means to be able to get into Alpha but would be valuable members of the community if they could provide feedback and help to get the word out a bit more.
    Opening these options up would allow me (and others in my position) to continue to help the fundraising efforts, and to also help bring more people into the community. 
    tl;dr : 

    - I want to be able to purchase DAC's now to help with Fundraising
    - I want to be able to purchase pledges as gifts to give away to help with Fundraising and to bring more people into the community. 
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    maximpact reacted to Fitorion in Dealing with Griefers/Resource Depletion   
    1. There's no Collision Damage.  In interviews all over the place they specifically call out the idea of making a ship to ram another ship and how they will not allow that to be possible.  Ships simply bounce off each other without doing any damage.
    2. Safe zones exist.  Safe zones can be created by players and will last as long as said player maintains them.  So safe trading spaces can be set up for a price.  If you don't have a safe zone set up then you are vulnerable... which is a reason for you to join an organization so they can protect your stuff while you're offline.
    3. Resource depletion is necessary to drive population to move out and explore.  As the area near you gets depleted you must travel farther out to find resources and new settlements to trade in goods will have to be constructed and protected... This is the Game Play of the game.  It's how real civilizations grow and it's how civilization will grow in the game as well.
    At the launch of the game ... unless something has changed... ship to ship combat will not exist.  The only combat will be on the ground person to person.  Eventually they'll add ship to ship... but the point is at the start the potential for mass destruction is limited.  If they do get Ship to Ship combat in then safe zones will be very important and drive people together to form communities. 
    Everyone being spread evenly over a planet... solo... building by themselves... not interacting with anyone else is a bad thing.  Combat... resource depletion and costly to maintain safe zones are mechanics to drive people together and will be what makes this game work.
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