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  1. It is going to be single shard but not on one server. This video explains more https://youtu.be/QeZtqoydXpc
  2. I backed it for gold, didn't get paid in time to get the "early bird" oh well, more money for them!
  3. Also there is the fact that resources will be somewhat limited on any singular starting world, eventually i expect the starting world to become almost hollow or at least so riddled with mine shafts that mining becomes hazardous, due to cave-ins and that the rarer metals become even more scarce. Even the land space to build stuff might become scarce as the land becomes filled with peoples 'first day' housing just lying around abandoned. This could be mitigated with the 'timing out' of land claims, maybe once you leave the safe area all the stuff you have claimed becomes open free to the fact that the ships AI can no longer find you, or something. Who knows what the devs might come up with. All of the limits of starting put together might push some people away from playing.
  4. Hi there, I just found this game from unigine's news page of all things, never really played anything like this but it looks super awesome. Can't wait for any form of the game to be released and am especially excited for changing entire planets and coding stuff with LUA (note to self, learn LUA in a year). I just wanted to say Hi and that I wish you all a smooth time developing!
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