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  1. The schematics have pretty much killed crafting for me. I like the idea of having schematics, don't get me wrong, but they were introduced at the wrong time and poorly implemented. I'm finding most of my time is digging through the schematics I need to make one simple item and setting it active in a factory machine (not to mention I have to check and double check if I'm using the right schematic) and then if I need to make another component I have to go through the entire process again. Then if I don't have the schematic I need I need to travel to a hub to buy one, if its available, and sometimes it casts too much money. I was mainly playing this game to mine and craft but this has become cancerous, I can't even force myself to stay on and try to do something.... The schematics should be a get and learn system, the schematic bank for each and every piece of equipment is just too much. I'm all for earning and grinding up to buy schematics for what I need, but having to find which schematics I need to make something like a thruster or even a command chair was just too much. I would say just have a common schematic bank that all the devices can look at and something to filter out or highlight what ones we need to use would at least take some of the frustration off.. All done, love the graphics update btw Stay Safe
  2. I'm pretty much waiting for something to sell or get the daily bonus money (150,000), just so I can buy 20 or so schematics so that I can actually build a ship. I log in, buy a few, maybe do some mining, then log out until I can afford another schematic I need. I get the idea for schematics but this was implemented poorly. If you have the item already built or in your possession, you should be able to make a schematic for it. This latest update killed the game for me, I like to build and mine and was hoping to build a market of my own eventually. Do I not only burn a ton of time building and assembling items, now I have to wait until I have all the schematics I need?
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