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    PurpleAnt got a reaction from Dygz_Briarthorn in Questions About The Upcoming Pledge Packages   
    Twerkmotor just thinks everyone works around his logic, even if his logic doesn't make sense.
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    PurpleAnt got a reaction from Anonymous in Of Gods and Men - a backstory   
    I like how you made that reference to the book by mentioning a guy on the roof, also the whole thing is just as good as the book good job.
    For a second I thought the guy in this story was the one who killed the main character's friend in the book, maybe he is. Only you know that.
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    PurpleAnt reacted to PurpleAnt in The Universal Defence Force(Now Hiring)   
    Hey, I'm PurpleAnt. I own the UDF(Universal Defensive Force). The UDF is partnered with the JSDF(Joint Syndicate Defense Force), the JSDF is the military branch of the Cinderfall Syndicate, the 4th biggest organization in the game so far. And we are working to expand our partnerships to other organizations such as SilverLight Ind. But what you might be asking is "What is the UDF?" The UDF is the SWAT of Dual Universe. Unlike branches of big organizations such as the JSDF or the TUSC(Terran Union Strike Command), the UDF ventures across the universe protecting client's ships/constructs and leaves behind claimed territory. The UDF is not an empire, and we do not have and do not take territory for ourselves, though if a client hires us to take territory, then that is what we will do. We will also fight in wars if the pay is high enough. Basically, the UDF is an army-for-hire. We also go on bounty hunts and hunt down known threats if there are no jobs open.

    Join, and find more info here
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    PurpleAnt reacted to mrjacobean in Locking Your Ship   
    I would say that all ships are locked for those who do not have permission, but people can use a skill (like hacking) to open it without permission. The larger/more complicated the construct, the longer it takes, with higher skill levels decreasing the time taken. Also might require a special tool so you have to use it constantly, meaning your back is not covered when, say, the owner gets back. Maybe have some things be impossible to hack until you have a high enough skill level. Or a disposable hacking module that you place on the ship to hack it for you, but using your skill level (or the skill level of the one who made it).
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    PurpleAnt reacted to PurpleAnt in Just joined - will this be 'the One'?   
    Which airports have you built? I think it's really cool that a real architect is playing a game like this, where engineering and architecture will be the biggest things in the game. I recommend joining SilverLight Industries or the Objective Driveyards if you want to do some architecture and engineering. I'm not in any of those organisations, but those are the best ones to join if you want to design and build stuff. Objective Driveyards is better for designing and building ships. SilverLight is if you want to design and build structures, but I think they will be building ships too. The organisation I'm in is the Cinderfall Syndicate, and hey, if you want to be the main architect in an organisation go there I'm joking though, you should join an organisation that's about building, build something great
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