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  2. Thanks for the quote. I simply assumed that a proper alpha was going to mean a switch to full-time server availability. It is a shame that this information is not included on the roadmap and is instead relegated to an AMA (that I still don't know the location of). My work schedule is very chaotic and rarely fits with these test windows. I will just have to continue to wait until the server goes full-time.
  3. So, with 24/7 servers coming in the not too distant future... I figured now was the time to start being involved. I learned about DU from Chris Roberts' post on the Star Citizen news feed and jumped into the kickstarter with both feet. I've been involved with Second Life since 2004 and always wished it could be what is essentially Dual Universe's design goal. So, here I am and I look forward to building ships, cities, and whatever else happens to seem interesting to me in the future on worlds near and far. See you... out there.
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