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  1. Rocket Fuel Tanks: Please us be able to connect multiple Fuel Tanks to one rocket ( and multiple rockets to 1 fuel tank ).
  2. Please, make Mining Units NOT to be CORE dependent, -- add a button into MU UI "Select tile, where it operates" that search for the tile in 50-100 meters radius around the core, and mine from it (of course if RDMS allows it ) Why? ---- I am tired of having 1 core per 1 tile ( 3 cores in 1 rig on 3 tiles conjunction ). I wish 1 static core per 1 mining rig. Thanks for the LUA for MUs!
  3. Item Container [Anti-grav] EXL with 0.66 weight inside: the calculation tells us that these containers are way to heavy: If I will carry a the same amount of Gold Nuggets in these heavy containers I get total weight of cargo+containers 105 kTon, when simple containers give 146 kTons. The difference is 27.9% if cargo catalyst (the heaviest), the difference will be 33%. The lighter cargo the less profit. For example, I warp the cargo from home to somewhere ( I got my 27.9% discount ), then what? --- warp the empty containers back and get even more expenses? It does not look usable. At all. I advice you to decrease the weight of these anti-grav heavy containers, at least from 447 tons decrease to 250 tons. As per calculations, I won't even think to use 447 tons per container.
  4. Decrease amount of "dust" or artifacts on lower (1000, 2000, .. ) speed, -- at the moment it feels like dust or other constructs are around.
  5. I wish to say, thank you for picking up the MAX speed in general 👍 But...... Ships at 1500 tons + are capped at 20'000, really? - 👎 So now I will spend not 5 hours, I will spend 6 hours, and ... I won't be able to step away from PC, as every min expect a Pirate ..... This is really terrible change....
  6. Can you increate the max speed from thirty thousands to say 60k or 100k km/h? I am really bored to settle a ship to 30k, and go clean my house, wash car, have a dinner and shower, and 5 hours later arrive to a planet to earn 8.5 mln quanta, for BEING AFK!!! That is one of the boring parts of the game.
  7. I really hope, the Space Shield Generator will be working on Space Tiles, and not for each Space Constructs individually. example: Just Imagine a space station of 80 Space Cores, and for each of them to place and settle lockdown timer ........ As far as I remember, you mentioned about zoning the space, so, the generator should be covering a zone ( so all the cores may be covered with 1-2 shield )
  8. What does it mean, the 18 hours of lockdown? is it protected still or anyone can beat the construct? When 18 hours finished, you can put on the shield again? Or after 18 hours you can attack and try to own the construct? P.S. Can you may us be able to get ready for a massive offence, or to get ready for massive defense? Aka, if shield got broken, 150 hours later you can attack, and you have 60 min to own it, otherwise the shield rise up again?
  9. It is great, however... I was placing cores, and it appears I need 75 cores for my personal org...and I learned up to 15 cores only (with limit up to 100). Where will I get another 60 cores slots? From whom, If I am alone in it? (i noticed it because I CANNOT place a core for org ). Or NQ will suggest to move all my personal asset to my personal name?
  10. NQ, Issue with VPT tool : when you select the voxel, it jumps far from its original place. ( If you do it after re-login - first placement is in place, not jumping away ). Basically it remembers the last position of the voxel you worked with, and if you select another voxel, it will jump to that position ( delta X, delta Y, delta Y ) of previously edited voxel. // M
  11. NQ, Could you please clarify this part? How they are going to work? Math please. How did you get 80? Formula please. As the talents are +5*100% + 5*100% = +1000% . So which number is used to count this?
  12. NQ, Can you make Mining Units to calculate which tile it is located in, and mine Ore from that tile? So, we can use 1 construction, instead of 3 core constructions just to place Mining Units on the hexes intersections. 1 character = under 50 calibrations per week, 3-5 MU per tile in Alioth or 2-3 MU per tile on Jago.... 1 character = 15-20 cores JUST for MINING. if you can solve this ( make MU work on its tile regardless of core position ), we can place 3-5 cores for minings ( instead of 15-20).
  13. I want to ask NQ: do you use XL cores for any of your parking and markets construct? Will you give us more control ( show the values ) of : - how many cores you have free? - how many org slots cores you have free? - what is YOUR org potential limit? - how many calibrations you have atm ( without visiting MU ) ? - map of all your constructs? - I don't like the list, I want visual. - map of all your org constructs? - I want visual. - etc. P.S. thank you for new revision of the update.
  14. I agree, regarding stacking-element-solution: It tells me that few elements are having troubles, but they were never placed with exploit! Few times I corrected, and fly the ship few times, then It start telling me some other elements are un troubles... ? ( that warning code is not perfect, - we can see, it needs obvious correction ).
  15. I got answers.... 1625 is amount of max slots, and each of them must be added by people. Max people involved is 65. And that is a lot of people. 65 * 25 = 1625 I do wish you can remain at least 1 Org talent, that will increase affect of slot contribution by 100% (5 levels ), so, with max talents we will have math: 13 people * 25 max slots * 100% * 5 talent_levels = 1625. Involving 13 people is real. This will allow us to limit cores, and maintain personal orgs. @NQ-Wanderer❤️ //M
  16. Are the Org Construct Talents going to be applied? - Or they are removed from the game? Will we have 1625 * talent_multiplier @NQ-Wanderer , which will result into 3000-5000 cores per org? This will be be a really solution for the whole forum thread. Best regards, M
  17. If you can convert elements and voxels into group X, not only build ship easier, you could even sell your art ? if this grouping feature implemented, you can even start thinkin of making NFT
  18. nothing to say. ok, clearing database from old constructions ( getting prepared for NEW people to start and spread around the world ).
  19. Hi NQ, I wish you could create some functionality to for element Group, that can group multiple elements and voxels into 1 Group element, that can be placed into a construction. How can this be good for everyone including players and administration? You group 20 Wings M (identically orientated within the construct) into Wing-Group, - Result: the Game app can operate with 1 group element as 1 wing with 20 Mega Neuton power, which results in less load on calculations, less lags, higher FPS. You group complex voxel structure ( a statue of a SnowMan ), - Result: players get ability to sell it as its own with his rights. Now if you sell with RDM, it is a separated construct, or you have to release RDM. But a VoxelGroup structure can be sold as Element and you can deploy it into any construct you want, and RDM is present. In fact, I want to have Group-element, that represent fully functioning structure with lights blinking, tables, chairs, screens, -- so you can place them into ship. Result: If I brake the ship with such Group-Element, I would spend whatever X Scrap it takes clicking only 1 time, and fix it fast. what we have now? -- 1. if people place a lot of elements, they spend 30-50 minutes repairing after crash. You don't value peoples life-time? -- 2. If people don't want to repair all those elements, they imitate chairs, tables, shower rooms etc with voxels... you can't even seat into fake chair..... Best regards, M
  20. Is it still in use? was it created and is it supported by NQ? btw, I don't se how I can create a feature request there.... how to?
  21. I wish to suggest a feature. I am not sure, if the feature is already suggested. I want to know, how popular is the feature ( maybe useless, maybe good for most people in DU ) Where Should I place my Feature Request(Suggestion), where I can vote for others features at the moment?
  22. ➕ * I see no issues with taxes ( however, for new \ young players they could be smaller ); * I can see people make ore more they used to make from soil ( buy ppl have not used to pay for it ); ➖ * renting the territory (pay tax), - who is the owner? Where is the Overlord who let me "use the tile"? - It is nonsense at the moment. * you need to spend (tax) quanta, but only 1 way of income of quanta: Aphelia missions. * Boring Aphelia missions, - boring flying 1-2-3-4 hours to deliver the package for small quanta. * Boring calibration process. # Suggestions: - make calibration not fall for 4 days, speed up calibration discharge after that, let people to do calibration not that often; - increase Aphelia missions reward 5 times, add 7 days delay for taking the mission; ( no idea how to decrease boringness of Aphelia missions );
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