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  1. 100% its demeaning. Especially since we are also mainly talking about the old sky box that worked just fine in alpha. Their problems were the other lighting from elements and other things that needed tweaks development. They are deflecting and making it seem like all or nothing. Its quite rude to say because we enjoyed the immersion of the old skybox and not the crappy nebula, that we want some pitch black like turning off your monitor. Honestly their attitude about legitimate feedback of their game is really really shitty. Not to mention, its kind of like a compliment when we say we want the old skybox back. We are saying you guys NAILED it the first time, and only minor tweaks might be needed for the dark areas or tweaks with how element lighting works.
  2. this image was actually taken from your link. Notice all the images of things close by INSIDE the solar system, are very dark. hmmm crazy isnt it?
  3. images from a crazy engineered telescope are not the same as your naked eye on the moon. Oh, you are telling me you arent smart enough to understand the difference between looking at something with the naked eye and thru a telescope? Do you think everyone in DU running around with a telescope.....LOL
  4. Why do you still have the nebula when vast majority say it looks terrible, and is so cartoony. Everyone in alpha loved the old skybox. Should stick with that but then work on your actual lighting problems, not some blanket greenish hue all over my screen.
  5. No one is asking for complete blackness, and your lighting issues existin tandem with the nebula. Have to think of the right way to word it, but basically the old skybox worked just fine and people loved it. So why is he talking about total blackness that's not what people are saying? Their lighting system is still trash with the nebula it just ads a green glow that is stupid. Literally the only old complaint was moons around alioth on the dark side were "really dark" and people crashed...but so what it was easy to not crash once u understood the elevation and payed attention when u fly, And moons suck for everything so not like people were going there in droves, it was just back in early Alpha there was no sanctuary, so EVERY newbie that finally built a ship capable of going to space and warp wasn't in the game....guess where their first destination was? The moon, And many were inexperienced so crashed, not just because they went to the dark side, but didn't use space breaks, flew 8k speed not knowing they couldn't slow down in time, etc So a very small minority complained it was the lightning was to blame, which it wasn't 99% of time. Literally everyone first space flight was to the moon in Alpha, every thing else was 1-4 hours away, so as a newbie moon made logical sense.
  6. A+ on all your points, The shitty skybox is the easiest thing they can change but knowing NQ i very well doubt it. I cant believe they changed it in alpha. There is no way someone could think the nebula looks good compared to the old skybox they had. As far as civilization building game, ive said this for a long time, its not. There is no civilization when everything is done by yourself. No reason for cities, no reasons to explore, no reasons to take precautions or have risk traveling to an outer ice planet looking for rare ores. Everything is safe, your avatar never dies. All around just terrible. NQ really needs to watch this video. But the only actual hope we have in reality is if NQ loses the rights to DU and another company steps in to develop it and make an actual game. NQ has proved incompetent time and time again. As shown with something as simple as fucking up the skybox.
  7. Exactly. For me it was the first trip to the moon. Then landing and looking out at all the stars and darkness of space. And seeing alioth glowing there. It just had a feel to it that wasn't cartoony at all. It just felt "right".
  8. I also think a lot of people currently playing the game were also not around back during Alpha 2 when we had the old amazing dark skybox and no glow rocks scattered all over the surface. It was one thing that hooked me instantly. The "feel" was just damn good for a sci-fi space game. Like you said, its really such a small change that would have only positive effects for the game, and the immersion. At the very least, put it on the PTSD server so people can see.
  9. Exactly, the speed modification is just the beginning, to get things kickstarted to put some differences between the cores, so you can add more interesting things in later like you described to vary the combat situations, and how and when combat and evasion can happen. etc
  10. You are suppose to haul it in, or set jobs so people can haul in the ore u dont have. Duh
  11. Thats why pvp is in such a bad shape, that and lack of actual pvp content. So for starters NQ could make these simple changes quickly. L core max speed 20km M core max speed 25km S core max speed 28km XS max 30km Make shields restricted to their size of core like guns. Make it so L guns cant hit XS core. (find another way). Make it so detection of higher tier Engines will increase a cores speed, but only slightly. So XL rare engine on a L core might push your speed to 23km. Still slower than M but a nice bonus for using expensive engines. All these varied speeds will give reasons again to use other cores. Its just a start, but adding in bonus's and restrictions to core sizes gives them a unique reason to use them, and reasons to have varied core sizes in a fleet.
  12. I've had similar ideas, Tho i think should be Alioth and moons safe zone, then 6 planets. And only 1 far like 2hr thats an ice planet. 3-4 planets within 30min to 1hr. That way u can do away with warp. Then you can also upgrade the radar system and use taht for future content., like finding NPC wrecks to salvage, anomolies. Ive also thought as others have said have 1 gas giant. with HUGE gravity if u get too close, that pulls you at 10g or even more as u get close. And have like 14 moons around them with some high value ore. Great place for pvp, and exploration and some danger.
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