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About Me

Hello All who read this. 


Im am Partiesplayin  Im a guild leader for the organization know as the 77th . The guild was founded back in 2010 and we have over 2000 members worldwide through out multiple games . We are a multigaming community. We support our members and we strive to excel in our gameplay as well as help other members excel at there. This way we all can get the most enjoyment out of our experiences.


We are always recruiting new members to our community


several games of our interest include but are not limited to the following in no particular order :


Star Citizen                                   Star Trek Armada 3

X Rebirth                                      Star Trek Online     

Star Wars The Old Republic            Eve Online

Ark Survival Evolved                      Dual Universe

World Of War Ships                       Entropia Universe

Steal Ocean                                  Elite Dangerous

Battlefield 4                                  Freelancer

Star Wars Battlefront                     Emperion Galactic Survival




As you can see we have a wide range of games we have interest in and are always trying to grown our numbers in . There is a place for you here within the 77th Star Empire

Websites :   www.77thtacticalfleet.guildlaunch.com
Teamspeak Community Address  StarEmpireGaming.ddns.net












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