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  1. The auto miners will spout surface rocks around the auto miner for you to mine each time you recalibrate it.
  2. There is no debt. Provided you are properly subscribed and have your 5 HQ marked tiles, you will not go into “debt”for not paying your taxes during the period you are on a break from the game. The taxes are not retroactive. When you come back, simply pay it then. There are no back-taxes.
  3. These are good well thought out suggestions. NQ should have a serious look at them.
  4. It's fixed! I can verify that DU is now working in Nvidia GeForce Now. Thank you @NQ-Deckard and @Staff! I can now play DU again. Yay!!!?
  5. @NQ-Deckard I have only 2 ways that I can play DU. On Shadow.tech’s Shadow PC and Nvidia GeForce Now. Both are broken. For several weeks now. Really?? I have no way to play DU now. I know I’m not the only one. Many players can only play DU through either of those 2 ways. But not just those without a gaming PC. Many with PCs also rely on either or both those services to play their alts simultaneously too. Priority needs to be given to breakage on those services. As some have already suggested, it needs to be treated as Downtime and not a lesser priority issue bug.
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