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  1. The main questions I can see and come from our large mining organisation: Is ground ore being removed to improve servers and the user experience, replaced with asteroid and passive mining? Is Passive mining coming before asteroid mining? Will Passive mining use the same locations as the previous data accidently released? Will asteroid mining require new skills or are some skills being removed? With the addition of shields will this also include the need for power at a core level and will this be reflected in industry cores? So far the pace has been better in recent months and the content has been much less buggy. I am seeing new players joining and there is alot more to do that even 3-4 months ago in game. So keep up the good work. Zero
  2. Very interested in the mining changes, running the largest meganode supply chain in DU we would like to know what the future holds for our 100+ members who scan, mine and provide ore to the market. Are meganodes being removed, and below surface mining as well. The passive mining is great and for a group with a large volume of claimed hexes we are deighted to gain ore passively but this sounds like it will come at a cost of our miners and miners from all around the DU universe. More info would be much appreciated before you alter/remove one of the things that makes DU unique.
  3. Great Read, I am hopeful if the performance of the game can be improved then more content can be added, I dont want new content that is unplayable due to the server issues. We have waited a long time for new content worth playing, a little while longer while making the rest of the game better is a small price to pay. Lets hope tomorrows update fills us with joy and excitement of things to come.
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