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  1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. This stuff is actually an eye-opener for me with DU specifically. I would expect it with something like EVE (Which I don't play because of P2W mechanics like Plex), but me and my org mates honestly did not think people were going this hard in DU. We thought maybe a handful of people might have two or three accounts from the Kickstarter. I am shocked to learn that there may be someone with 40 alts and people can casually have 4 alts. I did not even think people were paying for accounts at all yet really. I thought everyone was using the Beta keys from the Kickstarter like I have been. I think it's ok for some games like Genshin Impact or even EVE to have p2w stuff. It's just not what I look for in an MMO. I came here to voice my frustration, and I feel I have accomplished that. I don't think DU is for me, but I hope you continue to get what you like out of it.
  2. There won't be any posts from me when the territory wars come. I already talked it over with my org mates. None of them want to play if there are handout caches from players who already quit all over the place. If you could PvP for them, that would be one thing, but they ain't going to have atmo combat in time for that. I love Risk vs Reward too, but I also don't love being a slave to a game every 13 weeks and I don't love people getting their free shit from their vulture play style with no risk. I hope this game continues to satisfy you, and I hope it does well on Steam. Have a good rest of your day.
  3. DM: Your level one wizard fails his save to resist mommy rot. Me: I guess I'll just die...
  4. If being a vulture is a valid play style then DDoSing the server every time something doesn't go your way should be a valid play style too. Why not? "It's how they choose to play the game!" Playing as a vulture literally invalidates every play style NQ has tried to balance. There will be a mad dash to get all the people's shit who quit for a few weeks, and then there will be less than 8k people with a bunch of shit they did not earn. GG I ignored the other shit in your post because those are not the ways I choose to play the game. I gathered for myself and I built for myself. That was my play style and it was valid. I liked it. Everything me and my friends have we earned together. The mission system is busted, and the asteroids are a fucking shitty underdeveloped mechanic. The devs manually add asteroids to the game one day a week. That is just shitty. The giga-brains at NQ can get a whole procedural universe going, but they can't automate asteroids in an intelligent way? The population graph may not be 100% accurate, but there is zero reason to doubt that it's not in the right ballpark for this specific game. Before seeing that graph, I would have estimated that maybe 2k people play this game daily. I have played private servers with populations between 500 and 1000 with more active YouTubers, Streamers, Discord, Forums and Reddit. There is barely a web presence for this game. That population graph could very well be overestimating by a lot. Why am I so bothered by the game's population in beta? Because I have played betas where the devs refused to be sensible, and the game died on or before launch. Crowfall, Darkfall: New Dawn, Ever Quest Next. Many other decent MMORPGs are gone now too because the devs wanted to choose pay to win mechanics or just outright ignored what the players wanted. Also, there is the part where when I invested to Kickstart this game. I wanted the game they pitched in the video. Not this shit.
  5. https://mmo-population.com/r/dualuniverse/ The entire Discord only has 20k users. Half of those users are not even active... 8k is likely a generous estimation of the player population. Most of what I see in #discussion on discord are people talking about how shitty NQ or how NQ don't care to fix or balance "X". If there is positivity out there, I have not seen much of it. Finding and taking other people's stuff just because they did not pay their taxes is the most low-life way to play a game I could possibly imagine. There is nothing balanced or rewarding about taking advantage of a shitty tax system. The game would be better off if the shit just got deleted.
  6. Man, it's really blowing my mind here. 40 alt accounts. I have been thinking about that for an hour or two now... Do you guys think encouraging alt accounts is the difference between having a game and no game at all?
  7. 40 alt accounts? That is worse than I ever imagined.
  8. Inequality outside of NQ's control are not what I and other people are upset about. What NQ can control is how fair of a playing field they provide in their game. NQ has made a change to the game that incentivizes people to spend money on more accounts to gain a larger pool of HG tiles and calibration charges. I don't enjoy the game as much when I know the devs are restricting my experience to sell me an alt account. Calibration charges could have been earned through in game activities and not capped. I remind you that even if I had all the time in the world to play DU. I would still be capped at 5 HQ tiles and the same calibration charge rate. Even so, just because it is unfair that some people have more disposable time does not mean that its good for NQ to take advantage of someone who has more disposable income. I am lucky enough to be in the position to buy as many alt accounts as I could stomach, logging on to and keeping track of. Yet, I won't because things like this piss me off.
  9. How about dedication and effort to win? You should not be able to just magically achieve in games by spending more time. It takes effort and dedication with time to achieve anything. If not, then I am not interested in the game. Which is why I don't play clicker games. It is also why I have never been a fan of the EVE style passive skill gain system. I put up with it because the block game behind it is solid enough to draw me to DU, but that does not mean it is good or I like it. How about social skills or being a likable human to win? Why worry about it? Because every time I am spending my last calibration charge I have the constant nagging feeling that I could have another accounts worth of return for my effort if I just paid a little bit extra. That is not the system I thought I was buying into when I backed this game on Kickstarter.
  10. How does one win? That is pretty subjective in DU sure. I think a single person with alts having access to a lot more calibration charges and HQ tiles has an extreme advantage over a person with only one account. Many would and have called this pay to win. Nitpicking definitions of WIN is not going to change the fact that people are upset over a change that encourages multiple accounts. Just because there was always going to be some sort of advantage to having an alt does not mean that NQ should encourage it. You simping for NQ is not going to change the fact that people are rightly upset about this. EVE is pay to win as well. Which is why I and many others don't play it. EVE being pay to win also does not mean that a block game like DU was predestined to take the worst parts of EVE. We don't have Plex. Which is good.
  11. Should my refrigerator stop running when I leave town? Not if it wants to come with... Jokes aside, I would like to know the answer too. My industry stays going all the time. I feel like scanners should be the same.
  12. You having AMD would be strong evidence that it's not the CPU brand... What do you have?
  13. Is this some kind of elaborate scam to get me to send you quanta to "test" and see if it's working? JK Feels bad.
  14. This is annoying if true. If I had any Intel Hardware, I would make a video to verify.
  15. Here is my promise to NQ. If they wipe the server. They lose me as a player. That is not up for debate. I have plenty of other block games in my backlog.
  16. Ryzen user here on both my main rig and my laptop. I have experienced the same behavior. I just thought it was how the game works. I never thought it had anything to do with my hardware. I honestly thought it might be the container link distance or something.
  17. It is extremely simple. This is a mechanic that incentives players to buy more subs. Such practices make the game by definition pay to win. If they wanted calibration charges to be in the game, there should be a way that you earn them by playing the game. This should be done in such a way that it is just as beneficial to have one account as it is to have unlimited accounts. The bottleneck should be how much effort you as a human can feasibly output into a play session, not how many accounts your disposable income can handle. There is an infinite number of ways they could have changed mining so that there are fewer holes in the world. They chose to change it in a way that makes paying for more subs and attractive option. That is a problem for me as someone who does not like p2w and did not support DU in the Kickstarter thinking they were buying into a pay to win game.
  18. Of course, I want nothing more than for you to be right. I did not pop on the forums because I hate DU. I came here to voice my concerns.
  19. I am pretty sure the idea behind extra beta keys was for us to hand them out to friends and family to expand the player base. Not multibox and increase our personal calibration chargers by 10 per key. They have taken the perfectly serviceable gameplay loop of mining and turned it into a painful pay to win mechanic. This is disgraceful and needs to be called out.
  20. My biggest fear was that this would be a chore. I hate chores. Mining was something I wanted to do. When I was broke, I could take things into my hand and go mine. Now I have to babysit this system and plan ahead. I hate it. If I wanted to babysit and waste all of my free time just to maybe have something cool to look at in the end, I would invest in a salt water fish tank. At least with a salt water fish tank visitors to the house would be impressed... No one likes it when they come over, and I try to show them the ships on my computer...
  21. There are not going to be 10M players ever. The ceiling for this game would be like 500k to 1M tops, "if" the game was good. Last I tried to look, the active population was around 8k and bleeding. I am sure this update did some damage to that number too. It is depressing to play right now.
  22. I am pretty damn upset myself. Starting us with zero calibration charges was an extra kick in the nuts. My optimism is very low. This is not fun. The old mining was at least mildly amusing. This is just painful. I don't think I have been this annoyed with a game since No Man Sky launched.
  23. Or the player base will just shrink..
  24. Its getting old. Seeing abominations every time I go into town. I thought it would get better back when the game came out. I thought people would come up with common designs and ways to build ships without just shoving stacks of wings and other elements all over the place. Zero honeycomb builds. Personally, I think it's a disgrace, voxel games. We have at our hands to tools to make some of the most elaborate ships of any game via voxelmancy and people can't be bothered to put a single voxel on their ship. Personally, I don't think it's because people want to min/max as much as they feel defeated by an oppressive build system. At every turn, we have to fight with the elements to make something that looks good. People go to make a cool ship, and they end up having to cover it in crap elements just to make it work. Voxelmancy is too hard and esoteric. So, people just say screw it and build without voxels at all. I have been tempted many times myself to do this, but pride has always prevented me from doing it. The solution, let us hide the elements with voxels or make hidable versions of each voxel. The vision of having elements on the outside of the ship is not working. At least not for me. People come to this game expecting to build, fly and see cool ships, and they are met with an oppressive system that restricts creativity too much and eye sores. The game is bleeding players with each update. People are rightfully mad about the brakes "fix". I am certain that will be the final straw for some players. Why not turn all of this oppression around by giving us the freedom to build cool ships? Building and flying cool ships, what the whole reason I backed this game. Otherwise, I could have just played EVE, Elite, or Star Citizen.
  25. You can only prepay 13 weeks. Which is a stupid limitation. We are already assuming I am leaving my sub going for the life of the game to keep my five HQs, so they might as well let me prepay longer than 13 weeks. In addition, you pay weekly. So, debt starts after a week of unpaid taxes. To take an extended vacation from the game, I would have to bust my ass saving for it and come back ready to grind right away. I could potentially come back too broke to fire my tiles back up and make any money.
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