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  1. local rgbColor = vec3(light.getRGBColor()) local r = math.floor(rgbColor.x) system.print(r) I wound up stumbling on a bit of code for coordinates in an autopilot script that I adapted last night after digging in some autopilot scripts, turns out the math.floor() is needed when getting an RGB value as well. I struggled with making rainbow disco lights more than I should have lol, but it was a good exercise in learning the lua syntax. cheers!
  2. the Stop auto-renewal is there..... but also not..... clicking on "my personal account" then "Upgrade Pledge" will take you to the screen where you can buy a sub. from here, then click on your account name in the upper right and select "My products" this will make the "Stop auto-renewal" button show up. Going straight to "my products" from the home screen will for some reason not make the button show up. Edit to show screen without stop button in one tab and missing in the other. Bug is now repeatable. (I pressed the button and it changed to "renew", but, that is the button)
  3. I was looking for the same, would be neat to have intellisense working with the DU API too (is there a library I don't know about? I'm new here). I downloaded VSCode and got the lua plugin for that, haven't used it yet though. I'll update here if I find anything as well.
  4. I'm new to lua and struggling with the syntax a bit. How does one go about reading the response table from a vec3 in DU? for example, I'd like to know the r value of a lights color... I used this post to set the value of rgbColor and lua documentation said the vec3 is returned as vec3(x,y,z) I am fairly familiar with C# and VB.net and automate CAD software for a living, my limited experience outside my hyper focused skillset is really showing, so I'm sorry if this seems like a dumb question. example of code I've tried: local rgbColor = vec3(light.getRGBColor()) local r = rgbColor[x] system.print(r)
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