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    RipPaw reacted to Aaron Cain in LF Ship Building Help!   
    Try Bladesin Mercenary corporation, they have some really good designers
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    RipPaw reacted to Msoul in LF Ship Building Help!   
    Hey RipPaw and welcome back to Dual Universe. There are not a lot of public resources for ship design right now but @Tueradoor created a wonderful Thrust Calculator Spreadsheet back in beta and recently updated it again for release. It allows you to specify the quantity of each type of flight element and even takes into account your talents. Give it a try and see if you like it.
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    RipPaw reacted to Fra119 in Shipbuilding/ Engines, Wings and other components.   
    I believe you are referring to the wiki page, those 640t are the max takeoff weight, I think (I'm not sure) that include the empty weight of the plane and the fuel, so the payload it can carries is way less than those 640t
    Btw you are forgetting the wings, ok the engines generate that power but the airplane has 900m² of wing area, how many Mwing should you stack to achieve the same result? :V
    Jokes aside, imho (and I've said it a million times already) the overall balance between how powerful our ship are, how much material we need/use and the total ore scattered between planets is a little bit ducked up.
    If they don't realise that we burn too much ores we'll soon be out of resources.
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    RipPaw reacted to SGCamera_Beta in Shipbuilding/ Engines, Wings and other components.   
    The simple answer to the problem is that its a game and the scaling is different from real life.  Therefore people's expectations are too high.
    The better answer is that we don't have large enough wing elements in order to support heavy-lift aircraft.  We really need Large and XL wing elements.  Thrust doesn't define the carry capacity of an aircraft, lift from it's airfoils does.  Yes, you do need thrust to move forward and counteract the drag from the airfoils, but thrust does not directly cause lift.
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    RipPaw reacted to admsve in Internal Server Error   
    Why did you write this post? They will limit smooth tool just like maneuver tool. 
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    RipPaw got a reaction from admsve in Internal Server Error   
    What is the point allowing us smooth the terrain when we can't do it...
    After spending over 6 hours of building a ship using voxelmancy ( because the in game voxels  do not do what they are told) I have decided to take a break and terraform the area around the base. Unfortunately for me, it lasted 5 minutes. I flattened some area out and decided to use the smoothing tool to make it look a bit smoother but instead got a never ending error in red seen in the Title. I am honestly tired of these minor issues that should have been fixed prior to "BETA". Maybe you (Devs) have a different definition of Beta but this should not be a problem by now. 
    I have no words to describe my frustration, between this patch and the existing issues, I am disappointed. (Not that you really care. You will continue to do what you think is right and pay no attention to the community.)
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    RipPaw got a reaction from admsve in CORES   
    Hello all.
    I am writing this thread to see if we can have the Devs change some core(s) mechanics within the game. We know that there are 4 different cores and that each core is doubled as we move from XS to L (512^3, 256^3, 128^3, 64^3 L M S XS).
    As a builder, I would like to see the ability to change the core shape without intruding on the order of the cores. Let me explain this. The smallest core (XS) is 64x64x64 but due to it being a cube, it has a downside. The downside is the building potential within that cube. If we were allowed to change the core to let say 64h 84l and 44w we would open up the ability to use and shape the way we please. The small core will no longer be useless for refining and other actions. Furthermore, it will allow builders build around it so it is pleasant to the eye.
    It should be noted that I understand that this may break voxelmancy but I am sure someone can figure this out.
    Please leave your thoughts and any other ideas reference the core that I may have missed.
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