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  1. I think Live help initiative is a GREAT idea, can you please share more about how this will work?
  2. I think the holes in the ground should deteriorate over time via earthquake activity or weight - this would allow for healing the ground. Also new ore deposits can form as they are shaken from the previously compacted 'undisturbed' soil. Personal tiles can be set so they do not renew any soil. Or like landmark did set it so you can create a zones on your own tiles where the terrain doesn't regenerate.
  3. then a discussion is needed as to HOW a wipe might work how do bases and factories get rebuilt that are in the ground? a discussion on that alone is necessary if they even consider it.
  4. just like I keep saying - see my post about their NON response issue - lets create posts and only respond in our safe 'space' the devblog, the dev blog is NOT the same as responding to players IN the beta forum.
  5. What about your NON response to the thread on 0.24 what are you going to fix? The transparent screens arent transparent pleaSe fix it, they all look dirty now. They didn't used to. Also, large containers used to block light.. Most of the larger elements you can place on a ship should occlude light. Voxels should also and dirt. And they made a lot of the metal honeycomb look like spray painted plastic, some of it has ugly stretch marks in it now at times. The water on Alioth looks tainted with blood or some sort of algea making it appear bloody at night, ewww (I've seen this only when it gets dark). I've check with several players on these issues and they all have the same problems. When is it going to be fixed? This is my response to your idea of the future of DU....you still aren't responding DIRECTLY to a forum you created about 0.24. Will this be different? Many people feel we are just getting a sort of lip service with regard to posting here, You ask for discussion threads about things and then YOU refuse to join in our discussion. THAT needs to change, please. I am interested in many of the things you have mentioned in your future of DU devblog but I am trying to gain confidence that you are truly reading and listening, posting on your dev blog is NOT the same as contributing here on this beta forum created just for that purpose. Why are staff reluctant to interact on posts you start? A tiny bit of community trust goes a long way. Patch 0.24 made many parts of DU a lot kooler to play, however, it broke a lot of things you haven't bothered addressing in your 'devblog' or here. So my confidence that you are truly listening took a nosedive and now struggling to recover. Also to note, just creating a thread post is NOT interacting it is getting US to interact while they sit back and mebe read it but I've yet to see any of them respond to the threads they create IN THE FORUM, not their devblog.
  6. Question to NQ, where exactly are you reading community response in order to make decisions on how to FIX what has been broken be recent past patches? I mean, NQ make posts imploring the community to respond re a patch and not one single NQ staff has replied to any of the posts in that thread. SO I ask you how do you plan to respond to us in these threads YOU start and never finish/respond/interact with after the initial posting? I see a LOT of info from NQ about THEIR vision, now they will hire a special team to play the game to gain our experience? What about the things we feel were broken from specifically Patch 0.24 Phase One - Discussion Thread. not one response to any of the posts - so how do we know you gleaned ANYTHING from that thread and are applying to FIXING what you broke from any of the patch threads in this BETA FORUM?
  7. Imo you forgot to mention one of the most important player feedback options THE BETA FORUM. What about all the responses to YOUR posts on the updates/patches. We need you to let us know you are reading our responses. For instance your post on: 0.24 Phase One - Discussion Thread NO Dev or staff have responded to the posts there. It seems you start posts but I rarely see staff respond or interact after that. For instance what are you going to do about the issues mentioned in the post referred to above?
  8. Since this thread was started by NQ staff I for one would appreciate it if ONE of them would respond to what is in here. Let us know you ARE reading it. You started this post and now it is 4 pages long. Is it getting through to the NEW management? Please do chime in for us players. This is the post for the LAST not so great update. What are your response NQ?
  9. This is a beta forum and NQ started this post so I'd imagine they'd BETTER be PAYing ATTENTION TO IT.
  10. I think he meant the plaid tile there with all the colors
  11. What happened to the Transparent Screens? Before the patch they were fairly see through depending what type of imagery you were running through them: Now they look dirty whether on or off with some garbage in your 'new and 'improved'" texture changes you did to some of the elements, not transparent at all. IF I need dirt and smudges at the edges I can do it myself, I'm an expert graphics person and feel insulted that you feel the need to take away from the game and the creators you SUPPOSEDLY support by doing this to us: I'm hoping this along with many other issues with honeycomb shaders (metals look like cheap spray painted, some types look dirty not kool, no more sparkle), shadows vs elements, soil and voxels, with lights (IE flat ones create shadows, vertical ones dont, container used to block vertical lights, now they don't) If some people have too much shine, glow or sparkle let them adjust it in their own personal graphics settings instead of forcing everyone playing the game to accept half of the offered new goodies turn out to be rather sad in places. Love the new trees, how about letting us place a few where we want them on our territory like the dirt....a foliage tool...or a rock tool, only usable on one's own DIRT. anyway,...please consider fixing this stuff.
  12. Look up the meaning of the word Luminescent, I believe one description is glow BRIGHTLY, not glow dimly - I have a feeling some of the people who were griping about the shiny glossy stuff probably have their screen gamma set too high mebe. Besides this is AGES in the future, luminescent glass contains LEDS 1 for each cubic meter. LEDs can put off a LOT of light and the glass uses ADVANCED LEDs so it SHOULD cast light not glow like reflective paint.
  13. Lighting/shadows vs voxels and elements completely borked now. As it was they did sort of leak through some voxels/shiny material (which all looks like cheap spray paint instead of awesome glossy metals, btw - for instance check GLOSSY Lithium now looks like cheap silver spray paint.) and if you designed a voxel hood with holes in it you could get some really kool effects using the Vertical lights. Also, to create drama and other kool effects I was using things like containers to block light. this no longer works at all. Light just blasts right through all elements now and the voxel hoods no longer work. Luminescent glass - while it's great that the glare is cut, you went a bit too far. Also, it no longer casts a light from what I can tell. While I applaud the more matte shaders for the matte materials you all went too far and reduced the emissive qualities a bit too much. Hope you all try to look into this as for some of us trying to eek out a nitch, in DU, you just broke us. I may be a newbie posting here, I am far from a newbie to material shaders in game development.
  14. Maybe transparent glass or frosted glass or ice. Only one other voxel game I've played had voxel water. THAT was VERY kool! Anyway some translucent or transparent voxels would be kool you could give them tints or textures too!
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