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  1. I have zero experience with PVP, due to zero interest in it, so I will not comment this. In regards to items being destroyed, especially outside of PVP, I don't think it is a very good idea. I think most people commenting here, saying that it would be a good idea have vast DU experience and serious issues to change their point of view when it comes to DU beginners. Some have indeed addressed the potential impact on new players and the possible consequence of losing them permanently. One already said, no players = no DU. One time subscribers and a few PVP focused ones will not keep DU and NQ alive. A common argument is that the economy is broken and requires a resource sink to fix it. I think proper PVP with permanently destroyed items would be enough already. In my opinion a greater problem is the current market system, respectively the lack of information when it comes to prices and production cost. I'd guess that many people, if not even most, that sell produced items at the markets, don't check production cost and also don't consider the transportation costs. Otherwise I've issues to understand why so many sell orders are way lower than the actual ore prices to produce said items. It is utter nonsense to sell an item for 100k when I need 200k to produce it. Even if I mine the ore myself, I still need to do that calculation. My interest lies in industry and I'd love to produce and sell goods with a small margin and even hire a trader or partner with one. DU makes this for me impossible right now because the prices are a joke. Selling ore brings the most profit so I have to go mining, although I'd love to do something else. I'm forced to do that as I cannot make proper profit with the goods I can produce. So I need to skill mining, need to skill container range, piloting and many other things I did not want to specialize in. Just to point it out, I literally sell nothing on the markets, it's just not worth it. Implementing destruction will not fix the economy. Larger Organizations will just adapt and continue to produce their own stuff. The ore they require, they will mine and therefore, zero impact on the economy. The random, solo or new player will suffer. NQ: If you really want to fix the market you need to implement more information. When I inspect an item, it needs to show the production costs (quanta), based on the average price of all sell orders of each ore amounts required to produce that item (just without skills). The average needs to exclude the 10 cheapest and 10 most expensive ones on the planet the player currently is. As you refer to IRL, you can also prohibit selling prices under creation costs, which is in IRL illegal in some countries. The same info needs to be in the create sell order screen ( info based on all markets of the planet the player currently is on) and tadaa, no one will sell an item under creation costs. You may take the skills into consideration but this will make it for new players a lot harder to produce and sell. It is unreasonable that players have to lookup such essential information at player made webpages, if they are lucky enough to know about them. Also, add an information text that reminds the seller to consider the costs for transport and the market tax (why actually, for a market on an otherwise basically empty planet?) as well. This will set the ore prices realistically, the item prices too and the PVP destruction will be an appropriate money / resource sink. No need to grief players with painful crashing penalty. Repairing a hauler is already painful enough, especially when you compare it with a PVP XS Cube. I'm sure that may players will quit DU if they have to replace all elements on their ships over and over again, just because of crashes. Next step, remove the stupid buy bots where people are selling honeycombs to for example, or at least, set all buy prices that low that no more profit is possible. Of course you need to think about some quanta generating mechanism after doing this. This probably would also render mining automation unnecessary as there will be a valid marked for people specialized in mining. I'd be happy to buy ore if I could sell the products with a small profit in turn. This may finally trigger the other niches you were hoping for, protection service providers for miner / hauler etc. Just my two cents, I'm happy to read your opinions about this.
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