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  1. Definitely going to get in on the Alpha action. That will hopefully give us a better idea of what we can and can't build.
  2. riesen25


    Bounties would help make it more dangerous for the pirate and criminal orgs, which might make it more interesting/challenging for them. Could even go as far a setting bounties on and entire organization and anyone that is a member would also have a bounty. Otherwise, smugglers are just mailmen with spaceships.
  3. I like it. Instead of ICBMs we could create IGBMs (Intergalactic Ballistic Missiles)
  4. Add maneuverability as a quality factor. There could be a requirement of testing a ship before you receive a quality rating. You would have to fly it to get top speed, turn radii, etc. which would translate to the maneuverability factor. So no, you wouldn't be able to build a gold ship. The other thing preventing scamming is the RDMS. Having a warranty on products could prevent such a thing.
  5. The planets aren't going to be made of 100% valuable resources, and they probably won't 100% mine-able. I've seen numbers thrown around that about 70% of a planet would be able to be mined, which would still be a daunting task if only 10% of a planet is valuable.
  6. So you want a Prius ship? This would allow power to become it's own industry. Companies could buy and sell power for buildings and ships adding to the diversity of the economy. And may start more oil wars...
  7. All good ideas. Will allow for a very wide variety and functionality of ships.
  8. I would add an "Anti Mag" field category for stealth purposes assuming there are ways to detect ships. Obviously it would only be effective at certain distances and would also require power.
  9. I don't know why it wouldn't be possible. You can program ships with AI so why not write a script that directs a missile to specific coordinates of in a specific trajectory? As long as there are volatile elements that would explode on contact or other components that would do the same.
  10. I like where you are going with this. There could be certain requirements for different classes of ships like maximum dimensions and/or weight. Then there could be requirements that determine the quality rating for that particular class. A ship has X guns and Y engines and that determines the quality. But it works both ways, too many weapons adds weight and it could be unable fly. Types of materials used could also be a determining factor, but there would need to be a way to limit what low experience players can use, otherwise quality doesn't mean as much if anyone and their mother can build a high quality ship.
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