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  1. Ever since the last patch I've been stuck at login with ERROR 100. I uninstalled the game, re-installed fresh, still getting the error. Any ideas? - I've checked all network settings, disabled IPv6 as suggested, switched DNS to Google's DNS servers, created exceptions in Windows Firewall (even though it's not enabled). Nothing.
  2. To add insult to injury, they scatter the schematics to build parts and anything over Tier 1 off of Alioth and also into the PVP unprotected area. A lot of us more humble and smaller orgs (like 2-5 person orgs) like just playing on Alioth and don't have a space-faring ship yet. So the insult....? Now the richie riches buy those schems we can't get on Alioth and post them on markets on Alioth at a big premium. More revenue for the rich, more tax for the poor. Like a slap in the face to those who are not in a big org or already rich and space-faring. Ridiculous.
  3. Great script, I really like what you did here.
  4. Question: I have my ore in three separate "hub" groupings of 10 containers each. Essentially I'd just link to the three container hubs and this script would then just treat that as 3 containers, yeah?
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