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  1. Hello, I see - but is this really always to be done by a real human? Why not - later on - have some machine take care of that?
  2. Hello Novaquark , first of all a big shout out for such a great game idea and beta delivery. I do enjoy this at is is right now very much. Could you please check if this is correct? When I do start the game launcher (Windows 10 64 Bit) using a restricted / normal Windows user account then I am prompted to provide the Windows admin password. Declining will close the launcher, i.e. I cannot start the game. Cheers realMoD
  3. Hallo, ich habe gesucht und bin noch nicht fündig geworden: Gibt es ein Bild o.ä. von der Tastaturbelegung auf Deutsch zum Ausdrucken?
  4. Hello, how may I automate / craft -something- to let my avatar / machine auto-collect all on surface harvestables? Personally I do not want to "waste" too much real life time with the ressource collection mini game. Cheers realMoD
  5. Hi, sounds great. Is there also another LUA script available for on planet autopilot, i.e. atmospheric flight? I want to automate the transport from home base to a market and back. Cheers realMoD
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