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  1. That is one of the reasons why I am trying GeForce Now to get stable with my setup - utilizing this services better internet connection. However NQ - will there be a plan to have that streaming in of content become more efficient in the near future?
  2. The loss of login credentials occurred again. Did NQ change something? Or was this "working by accident" the last time?
  3. I am running a 32 MBit internet connection. VRing into new places (= no cached content) it takes me about 5 minutes given the complexity of the location until all the content has streamed in. In Windows Task Manager I can see that my network througput is maxed out during these 5 minutes. This cannot be normal - or is it?
  4. no to fly with own's constructs, but having something built by players like a train / subway / shuttle service between worthwhile locations
  5. yes, permanently remove it, but with a grace period. Have some kind of reminder / hint be placed to the affected core / ship etc. to let the owner know that something needs to be done. I have bought ships way ago, so I wouldn't know how these are affected. How about static constructs? See also
  6. NQ did these kind of mini surveys already inside the game, visible immediatly after logging into the world. The questions were about interests like PvP, mining, industry and the like. Also "Would you recommend DU to your friends?"
  7. The usage fee would generate passive income. Can Warp Beacons be destroyed in the PVP zone? I have been reading into Warp Beacon post's in the forum.
  8. Given infinite ressources - would one place a Warp Beacon next to an Asteroid to have Travel time cut out?
  9. Hallo @Zarcata Infos / Fakten zu deine Frage habe ich nicht. Spekulativ: wenn es bereits bei so etwas "Einfachem" wie Alioth Market 6 mit den ganzen geparkten Konstrukten hakt bzgl. Performance, wie soll dann jemals von so einem kleinen Team wie NQ etwas Metropolenartiges performen können. siehe auch den 1. Eintrag hier: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/ De facto hast Du Dir deine Frage zum aktuellen Stand der Entwicklung selbst beantwortet. Ich verfolge die Entwicklung anderer Spiele (SC) - was da an Manschaftsstärke aufgeboten wird, um ähnliche technische Probleme anzugehen, läßt mich persönlich schwarz sehen, dass DU jemals eine ausreichende Performance an den Tag legen wird. Konkret geht es mir um das Nachladen in der Spielwelt: meine Internetverbindung ist auf 32 MBit / S beschränkt, das genügt nicht für das erstmalige Betreten von neuen Gebieten mit Bauten (ohne Cachenutzung). Entsprechend hatte ich GeForce Now versucht, das taugt aber nicht, da instabil vom DU Client aus. nebenbei: bist Du als Solo Player unterwegs? 256 LCores? An einem Platz?
  10. Planned https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/?order=new&filter=planned Wasn't this already implemented? https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/116124/wallets-for-orgs-and-easier-money-transfer
  11. Gegenargument, was mir einfällt: Dann gibt es ja nichts mehr als Mensch zu tun, entsprechend sind dann die Spezialisierungen wertlos. Für mich persönlich ist das Reparieren per Avatar einfach nur Lebenszeitverschwendung.
  12. Ich finde, dass es sich in letzter Zeit bei NQ etwas gebessert hat: - Roadmap - Feedback / PTS aktuelles Zurücknehmen von dem Core Ownership Loss - Häufigkeit von Client Updates Nach ca. 1 Jahr scheinen sich Dinge in eine bessere Richtung zu entwickeln bei NQ. Allerdings fallen mir als Außenstehenden immer noch Schusselfehler auf, wie das Beeinflussen des Live Servers beim letzten PTS aufräumen. Oder Patchen bis 3 Uhr morgens. Am Ende muss wie bei dem letzten Dreiteiler an NQ Kommunikation intern erst einmal aufgeräumt werden, bevor es aktiv an die weitere Entwicklung von Features gehen kann. DIe Frage ist für mich: was will DU sein? "Single Shard" ist nichts Neues mehr, und funktioniert performance-mäßig auch nicht. Siehe 1. Post.
  13. finite amount of quanta / currency. Yes, this is not how the real world financial system is working. However just for thoughts: If there would be a finite amount of currency only, what would be the impact? Items / ore would be much more valueable, shareable outside of the official markets. Which then begs the question of finite ressources / ores (Asteroids). Wasn't there a NQ staff taking care of the markets / in game business model?
  14. What is know for now regarding this? Will there be some kind of mining machine to be put on territory? Dare I dream of mining lasers to be attached to ships?
  15. todo: The Madis Touch Industries base see title - I have been VRing around a good bit ODY's base also looks great I was sometimes watching LandmarkExplorer, however what is your take on this? Update as we go visit VR Stations: on planet: small MSIN HQ - nice style, Tower and Pyramid Galactic Shipyard LLC > Neocrypter Youtube Hagbards Marina and Showroom - flotilla of ocean going ships, free blueprint Virtual Experience factory - have a look below the surface, programming boards, voxel library Boss Ship Deal > cool design, lightning, large hangar Pro Bono for starters on Alioth > Market 42 2021-10-16 medium Loadeds Showroom - great style, Alioth next to Arkship, Space Station sale Starlords HQ - have a look for yourself about the parked ships next to it SNS - Sentinels Main Base - Shipyard, worth a look IC Dark Lunar Showroom - Infinity Corp Tokens Only Ship Shop - Ore Devil? 2021-10-16 Blinding Bright Ship Stores 2021-10-16 GTF - Library of Libraries 2021-10-16 MCRN Hangar - ODY - 2021-10-16 large FreePort / ODYPROJECTNIGEL - u have to see this Thousand Islands Hyperion Base on Alioth The Hedronic Library Angry Dad Salvage - "Choose wisely" Final Space Industries - impressive array Seraph Design Studio Showroom 2021-10-17 ETA Ship Showroom 2021-10-17 - Script for donation space: small medium IC Nexus Station - Infinity Corp large Utopia Space Station Band of outlaws piracy museum - 2021-10-16 other Free DSAT results DSAT VRing - FLEXX13, Arcadia - 2021-10-17 Player Run Markets Alioth EAGL Market - medium sized base - 2021-10-25
  16. @4ntw3rp The sole reason for me to try out DU on GFN is my 30ish MBit internet connection which is not upgrade-able. Good enough for GFN at Full HD streaming. GFN servers themselves have a faster internet connection, at least to loading is faster this way for me. My PC is connected via cable / LAN.
  17. What can it cost in terms of technical requirements to host a wiki by NQ itself? Next to nothing. I second the befitting style / design. If this is not an NQ prio then the suggested support by users is one way to go - that's what a wiki is all about with user generated content / swarm intelligence.
  18. crash #3 - I shall call it quits NQ If GFN is no priority to be solved (quote: no access to log files in GFN) then please communicate so, thank you.
  19. NQ Well, just got the 2nd crash in the 2nd GFN session - Seraph Showroom, walk around, C’est la vie At least the crash reporter did work to file the issue. good thing: the DU login credentials are finally being stored in GFN, thumbs up for that
  20. GFN still keeps crashing for me, "unhandled exception" out of the blue In regards to NQ support quality: it's ok-ish for me performance in GFN is sub-par, laggy
  21. NQ: good thing: the login credentials are finally being stored / remembered in GFN, thumbs up for that. Keep on going, Best realMoD
  22. I tried just 30 minutes ago to use GFN - the crash happened again in less then 15 minutes. It is either my system or something is generally flawed with DU and GFN.
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