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  1. I managed to make the top part voxel of the 2:1 slope using the pinch tool on a checkerboard, but I can't do the thin end of the wedge voxel that way, you need the reactor set as you say. In lieu of a better toolset (the notion of a vertice nudging tool is where we want to be isn't it), can't the Devs just give us a blueprint set with all the slopes, reactors and any other desirable shape pre-made from a free vendor at a market? That would be the easiest solution for all concerned. Then I don't have to go cap in hand to someone who might (snigger) try and make me earn it from them
  2. I use the brush on the number 2 tool, press E until I get the wedge, then stretch it so I get a 2:1 slope and slap it down. Woop de doo. But then if I want to flip that stretched wedge and place it underneath the first so It forms a sloping girder, it goes all derpy. You can do this with the default 1:1 wedge and it doesn't go all derpy. This is because with that 2:1 brush I am stretching out one voxel, rather than making 2, right? And then due to the arcane ins and outs of voxel behaviour my vertices are being yanked about (along with my brain and my patience). Leaving aside the q
  3. Do you know, when I saw that you needed to drop 3 months' subscription on this I very nearly didn't do it, thought I'd wait for a reaction. I'm not really regretting it, I sort of thought to myself that I was backing it, maybe I'll get burned, dunno. A twenty quid punt, something that I very rarely do with games (I'm old enough that I know patience, I wait for a popular game to come out in a sale a couple years down the line). I'm somewhat disappointed about the lack of features. I agree with the viewpoint that it's more an Alpha than a Beta. I'm not fussed about server instability
  4. Besides going to pointless, empty in game locations that you can't return from 'cos bugs. Can I create one at one base and then one at another and virtually go to the other base. Maybe run some machines? Can I do this between planets?
  5. Now we're talking . I just spotted in the last 10 mins that in the nanopack thing production queue there is little down arrows below each entry, just clicked on one for first time and - lo! It gives the BOM for that item. But again, it doesn't show the TOTAL demand for any one material on the BOM, just the demand for that material for the observed works order against the current stock. If there's another works entry further up in the queue that also demands said material, I could be short and not know it. But I keep finding things that are helpful, so clearly I need to
  6. Hmm, as I'm seeing more in the game as I start using the Assembly Line units, I think some of it is covered there. As the nanocrafting thing has a queue, so I was expecting everything to have queues. Apparently not. It's either run continuously (option for safety stock), or run a quantity of just one item type and then stop. No queues. Not sure what I think about that. But straight away I see that some of what I would like is there on the Containers screen for input materials - demand vs available. But I note the demand doesn't scale when you set the machine to produce a set quanti
  7. Latest variation on this is being in login queue, and then being disconnected by server just as getting to front of queue. Twice now. Am giving up and going to bed.
  8. On the cheap, plastic seems to have the best compromise for light and damage resistant. On the higher end, umm scandium is it (I forget the name exactly). This is just me looking at the stats, mind.
  9. Hmm, I'm not suggesting we somehow take away the "responsibility" of constructing the nested assemblies, only that we provide the information for what the live demand situation is so a job can be speedily queued to cover it. I don't know why you're talking about 3rd party tools etc., I'm not talking about grand production cell planning, though the demand screen would certainly play a crucial part in that as well. I'm talking about me wanting to build a single Atmospheric Engine S, then a fuel tank and a hover engine, but then having to run around half a dozen sub-assemblies going "
  10. Hello Novaquark, I apologise for the pompous sounding post I'm writing, I'm not normally so self-obsessed, but I feel the need to get this across as it's a CRUCIAL QoL thing for DU industry people. In my job (I am a planner for electronics manufacturing, a simple low echelon MRP monkey) we work with the obvious concept of demand. DU is no different. We create works orders (DU "item in queue") for end products that in turn generate demand for sub-assemblies, which in turn generate demand for further sub-assemblies all the way down to a base material that doesn't need to
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