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  1. I wish, we get a better explanation, what they will do about the schemetic bug or why they won't do anything. The few lines of explanation last week and ignore the situation since then is very disapointing for me. I realy like this game, i play it for several hours nearly every day sind the Beta start, and the 0.23 changes were fine for me. But a total unbalanced situation because of a bug, destroyes the game for me. I hope there is a solution, because i realy want to play this game (and thats the only reason, i am still here and hoping for a solution).
  2. +1 Hope they follow their own rules in the case of the market schemetic issue. If not, there is no point in this rule.
  3. Rollback the schematic-price issue. Its better, if every player lose the work of a few days than the market will be unfair for years It destroys the game and the market, if a few players are so incredible rich by abusing a bug. Rolback it by ... investigate the situation with much working time and correct it for the players, which abused the bug ... or by rollback to the time before the bug ... or by wipe and give all players the quantas, all their stuff was worth bevore the bug occured ... or by wipe completly
  4. They have to correct the consequences of this bug and correct the schematics or quantas of the players, which abused the situation. While all other industrials has to earn the quantas for a few rare schematics in grinding or waiting several weeks, there are a few players now, who are so rich, that there is no game balance now
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