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  1. I get the idea of why u want this, but also NO! to many downsides to this change like boosting the chance of a black market, and adding pay to win factor.
  2. Not to mention able to have dirt go all the way to a building, and not spill inside the walls or have a hole outside. for tunnels u can use the leveling tool, for a stright, level tunnel would how over be nice to have a smooth 45 degree angle in any case if we can just get some Rick style true level, i would be happy.
  3. I dont know any thing about the lore for this game but. most of the items reuire one or more powersystems items. it to me just seems like it have some kind of never ending powersource build in to it. kinda like stuff is powered for verry verry long time in stargate series from a ZPM or other sources, and not connected to a power grid
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