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  1. While I don't disagree with the changes to Airbrakes, can you explain why Demeter is the time to implement this? A time where we are all already experiencing a game changing shift in the way we will play Dual Universe, with entire systems being implemented and changed, why would adding an previously un-announced change that will go and cause the majority of constructs to not function properly, be something you thought should be included with Demeter?
  2. With the latest PTS, Atmospheric brakes are now being obstructed. As far as I am aware, this was not a change we were warned about, and on the PTS has broken 90%+ of my, and my friends ships. If this is intended, this release is NOT the time to make this change. We as players need time to update constructs to work properly under the new requirements, and we cannot worry about making said changes, while we are also trying to test the new elements and systems on the PTS.
  3. I won't have it rebuilt until most likely mid-next week But add Novalok to your contacts, and I can let you know once it's finished. I will 100% be selling it as well
  4. Y'all know you can instant sell via a Sell Order right? I mean yeah it's a few extra clicks but honestly a non issue.
  5. Before tearing it down due to accidently making it off center in the core(the struggle is real!) My M core hauler could do 7000+T at roughly .5g. And it was half done, 3000-3500T on Alioth no problem. I don't know how you did your math or where you got your numbers. But 1kT is nothing for a M Core ship.
  6. Insane amounts of Transfer Units is the answer. Atleast for the time.
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