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  1. It is vast, cold, and strange universe out there my fellow Noveans. In our explorations far from the comforts of the Sanctuary Moon, Alioth, and miscellaneous main bases, one may even begin to miss the warmth of home. But no more! We here at Storm Wetworks firmly believe that home is where the heart is, and the heart ought to be portable! Introducing the StormFront Prefabricated Outpost, Storm Wetworks' part 4 of 4 of our starter BP pack. Soon to be released for free. Consisting solely of one S Static Core and exactly 1500m3 of White Carbon Paneling(. With a mass of only 34.4108 metric tons and a volume of 15,083.6 liters, the StormFront can easily be transported and deployed from a wide variety of cargo ships and constructs. Never be without the comforts of home with the StormFront Prefabricated Outpost! The StormFront basic configuration is perfect as the foundation for a wide variety of bases, factories, garages, storage spaces, landing pads, et cetera. The possibilities are endless! Simply deploy the prefabricated design and customize to your heart's content. Never leave the inner workings of your base and constructs exposed to outsiders ever again! From a new player's first base to an mega corp's rally point, the StormFront can serve a vast array of needs. In it's basic configuration, the StormFront includes a garage space with an opening sized for 2 M Sliding doors, perfect for storing several small landspeeders and various cargo containers. As well as, a factory/living space and a landing pad. Coming to you soon at Storm WetWorks temporary Alioth Showpad free of charge(as long as supplies last)! For pictures:
  2. What is it that Noveans truly need? Oxygen? No, space is just as nice. Water? No, can't even touch the stuff. A life? Never! No, every Novean needs his or her own TRUCK. It is Storm Wetworks' pleasure to introduce you to the Advection Mk2, YOUR answer to all of your XS class space trucking needs and part 3 of our starter pack line up soon to be given away for free! Fully capable of ferrying 100 metric tons between Alioth and it's moons multiple times on a single tank of gas, the Advection is your solution for all of your light/efficient freighting needs. Capable of a max unloaded speed of 940 KM/hr, 0 to 600km/hr in 8.32 seconds, and 0 to space in 50 seconds. The Advection Mk2 may be a cargo ship, but never tell her that! Coupled with excellent maneuverability and ample, girthy brakes this space truck will duck, weave, and double-take like a girl half her size. Rigorously tested and developed solely with locally sourced, organic...... I mean affordable elements, the Advection is a perfect fit for anyone. From the new player just starting out to the largest organizations looking for a mass produced workhorse that won't break the bank. Coming to you soon at Storm Wetworks' Alioth show pad(WIP) for free(BP only). Along with the rest of Storm Wetworks' starter BP pack. Stay tuned for the 4th installment currently planned to be announced tomorrow or Saturday (hopefully). For Pictures:
  3. Thanks! That means a lot! I look forward to seeing your designs! Very curious to see what sports ships look like.
  4. You mean you don't already have a go to, tried and tested, high performance landspeeder design with you at all times??? How foolish! What an inconceivable waste of time! Clearly my dear friend you are the PERFECT Thunderbolt Mk1 customer. Never go without your means to the transportation you can truly count on, ready to bust out at any time, brought to you by Storm Wetworks!
  5. Speed, range, affordability, and far from least of all style. These tenets have laid the foundation for every great vehicle in the history of the transportation. Today Storm Wetworks humbly presents the Thunderbolt Mk1, the perfect melting pot of performance, endurance, availability, and flash. Marking part 2 of 4 from Storm Wetworks' starter pack line up, the Thunderbolt Mk1's BP will soon be released free of charge along with the rest of the Storm Wetwork's starter construct line up (as long as supplies last). Easy on the wallet but hard on G forces, the Thunderbolt Mk1 will put the power back between your legs, just where it belongs! With a max speed of ~910km/hr @ ~300m and an acceleration of 0 to 600km/hr in 6.5 seconds the Thunderbolt is over 3 times as fast as the starting speeder. With such power the Thunderbolt can even reach altitudes as high as 3000+ meters on 4 small hover engines alone. (Note: Storm Wetworks is not liable for any damage or loss of life caused by pilot error). Is that mountain on the horizon causing you start contemplating your potential life as a pancake? Never fear! the Thunderbolt is also equipped with ample braking power. Fully capable of making a complete stop from max speed in ~7.5 seconds! Make it up to 3000m high and don't know how to get down? Simply let go of the controls! The Thunderbolt's incredible automatic brakes will gently waft you to surface level once again. Designed with a minimum form factor, the most basic of elements, and excellent fuel economy, the Thunderbolt is there for you when you need it, where you need it. Weighing only 5.74 tons dry, carrying an XS container for extra cargo/fuel, and with a real time tested range of around 450Km on a full tank, the Thunderbolt is your perfect go to speeder for fast market runs, exploration, base transportation, patrol, and innumerable other applications! Coming to you soon at Storm Wetworks' temporary Alioth show pad for free(BP only)! Along with the rest of Storm Wetworks' starter BP pack. For however long supplies last. Pictures can be found here:
  6. You need the Assembly Line M in order to build all of the other industry machines, including the Electronics Industry M which can indeed make Power Systems.
  7. Freedom. You can't touch it, you can't sell it, but by golly you can get the next best thing. From deep beneath the Eye of the Storm Fortress and Showroom(WIP) Storm Wetwork's best shipbuilders have been toiling to bring that which no pilot can live without to all who inhabit this wondrous universe. After a rigorous testing and design process Storm Wetworks is proud to present the Crotch Rocket Mk1: ULTRA-affordable, ULTRA-portable, ULTRA-utilitarian, the Crotch Rocket MK1 is designed to be your emergency Air/Space vehicle for when YOU truly need. Fully producible from your nanopack(other than the space fuel), with the Crotch Rocket blueprint you'll never be without the means to get where you need to go. Reenter Alioth's atmosphere a tad too fast with predictable results? Crotch Rocket will get you back to your poor ship in a blink of an eye, with minimum cost or repackaging. Taking a quick trek to the market? Crotch Rocket. Get abandoned on a planet with no base? Crotch Rocket. Want to explore/scout with the most minimum of risk? Crotch Rocket. Capable of 686 KM/hr @ 400m during level flight and a respectable 0 to Space of 1 minute 30 seconds. The Crotch Rocket Mk1 has the power to get you where you need to go, when you need to go! Cast aside all worries about being tethered to bulky, expensive, inflexible constructs and embrace true freedom with the Crotch Rocket Mk1! Coming to you soon from Storm Wetworks at a next to nothing price. Also be on the look out for Storm Wetwork's soon to be announced fall 2020 landspeeder and XS industrial entries!
  8. Buy one of the premade starting ships and a bit of fuel. That'll get you there.
  9. You do realize there is a flattening tool right?
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