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  1. Adding voxels to make it look like a nice "proper ship" just adds unnecessary weight. If you want to get the most efficient cargo ship, just make it a flying container.
  2. Yes. I basically built a flying L container on an S core with 500 tons cargo capacity off Alioth with only 2 L engines, 6 Ms, and 2 M ailerons. It's pretty easy.
  3. If there's no PvP or territory warfare then there won't be anything to do in this game. A lot of EVE players are coming over because they expect this will be EVE 2.0, and I do as well. EVE has player-made safe zones, so let the players handle it here, which they eventually will. I'm not interested in the game artificially limiting the one thing that gives everything else purpose.
  4. Move your queue around a bit or add something new, it just needs to refresh to recognize the materials.
  5. Is such a complicated structure necessary for a small org? This seems like something you'd find in a 10,000 member EVE alliance, not a group of 10 people. I imagine you're quite bogged down by pointless bureaucracy, and it feels like you're more interested in RPing an org instead of actually being effective.
  6. How are you going to put industries on your city if they can't be built on dynamic cores? Or if you use a space core, how is the city going to move?
  7. I'd say the vast majority of gamers use discord. Although having a proper ingame channel to communicate in would be nice, if it takes so much effort that it's not worth it, so be it.
  8. What did you do that requires a restart? I don't think any mistake would require such a measure.
  9. The Kingdom is a multi-game MMO community home to a group of veteran gamers with many years of experience in the competitive, casual, and hardcore gaming scenes. We take a laid back approach to membership — you will not be forced to grind 12 hours a day or meet quotas. Our only requirement is that you are a true team player. We love PvP and mostly focus on that playstyle, but we also understand that in order to PvP well you must also PvE well. We do not tolerate drama and BS, and our leadership makes an effort to treat all members with respect and make people feel like more than just numbers. Our aim is to make friends, not exploit our members. Most of our members are NA based, but we also have players from all over the world including Australia, Brazil, and Europe. We have a long history in sandbox and survival MMOs, with experienced leadership that knows how to effectively organize logistics and crafting workflows. In addition, our experienced shot callers make sure every fight we take has a high chance of victory. Some of our previous gaming experience includes: New World Alpha - The Kingdom Albion Online - Novus Ordo ArcheAge: Unchained, Jergant - Refugees Last Oasis - Conviction, Sand Yetis, Red Banana Alliance If our community sounds like something you would like to be a part of, hop in our Discord. https://discord.gg/E47nHJm
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