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  1. This seems to be the most logical reason for an empire to collapse. You can try to "exterminate it" but the universe is infinite, and as long as they have a few members playing, they will fester hidden under this or this rock. Poor planning too. If they have all their assets at the same place and its visible from orbit, well... they will attract predators quick. "one mistake and its over"
  2. Why not add explosives to it ? With such a system, i believe the problem would be logistic. "3D printing" the projectile in a loop can be done in Space Engineer, not sure if this will be the case here, anyway, it requires the construction materials to be on board the launch platform in order to feed the printer. Or you could simply create a ballistic bomber with X projectiles already in the bomb bay, and reload it from your base somehow.
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    Salut :)

    Hello guys, yes, NovaQuark seems to be located in Paris ! and I believe french peoples will be coming slowly as the game makes a name for itself. You can help spread the word around you too ! as for a french community eager to play on DU, you can always take a look at DEIM who knows
  4. Hello compatriote best of luck
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    Welcome to the hype train
  6. Hi, I have no idea yet on how we will handle things on DU, but I am open to all possibilities of course. From what I understand, as a sandbox, we will be able to establish markets and do whatever we want within the frame established by the game, so their is nothing preventing our groups to help each other whenever we want, even in an asynchronous fashion. As for "diplomacy", we are generaly neutral until required to be proven otherwise.
  7. Hi ! I am "LethaK Maas" founder of Deimos Corp.. DEIM is a french speaking organization around the idea that efficiency can be achieved by cooperation and teamplay rather than personal skill only. It was founded in 2012 for the Game Planetside 2 were we waged many combats. Generally speaking our approach to every problem is: cooperation towards a pragmatic solution involving a clear military-like hierarchy for the set of task at hands. Our members have had long standing careers as gamers on titles such as SWG, EvE Online, Planetside 1 & 2, WoW, Rust, Ark, Space Engineers, Naval Action, and so much more it would span the entire catalogue of available games. you can get the feeling of being part of our platoons back in the days or maybe with voice com ? We are not a "multigaming" community as we try to only support one game at a time. Having stopped officially playing Planetside2 some times ago, we are now aiming for Star Citizen, but we are fully aware it will still take many years before delivering a game enjoyable as a whole teamplay group in the long run. So, in the meantime, most of us are staying together and are looking to experience Dual Universe whenever possible and with as much people as possible with the right mindset ! (recruitment post) The concepts and ambitions are there, and having a sandbox background coming from SWG, I can personally tell it will be a success if delivered as promised without performances issues Also, I have created a topic on our forums and summarized in french most of the ideas behind Dual Universe in order to spread the word I hope we will see you in the verse, for the best or ...else
  8. You mean... like a "Dual" choice ?
  9. Does someone knows if stargates Will work from space or attached to a ship/station/planetary construct ? Will they be transportable in the final form (but inactive) as cargo on a ship ? Will we be able to build it any size we want via voxel and attach a "stargate element" to it ? What about power consumption ?
  10. You always can join an org/guild/team and let them handle politics as a group.
  11. Perhaps a combination ! Making a Conveyor element would be a bad idea in my opinion. Especially on large capital ships and stations. The conveyor system is a HUGE source of lag and netcode crap business in Space Engineers. so ... make it simpler perhaps ? Proposition: Magazines can be anywhere on the ship as a container Turrets / Weapons systems can be anywhere on and into a ship. Both are required to be anchored or connected to a voxel material of type "conveyor" in order to be online. This voxel conveyor material can be used for transporting ammo, electricity as well as water or whatever "pipes" are required in the game. The only stress I can see is the check whereas a turret is connected to a magazine and a power source via the voxel conveyor line. This status could be put in cache and updated when the ship loose a part due to player editing or external damage.
  12. Back to the OP, I would like to add my 2cents: In Space Engineers it is not possible to script missiles (at least when I still played), but instead we can create a not-so-small "scripted kamikaze ship stuffed with explosive" This always has been quite frustrating in my own opinion since it simply ugly and not fun at all when you just want to customize target prioritization or a small behavior of an already existing launch system Element. Recreating a whole ballistic missile from voxel could be fun, but i'd like it not to be the only choice !
  13. True ! in Elite Dangerous their is no real interest in going multiplayer if you are trading, except calling for your own murder. "Solo play" creates a game divided and less prone to have a long life as muliplayer fan loose interest and are the core demographic targeted there by NQ
  14. Planetside2 has done that at first, it was not working enough to pay bills to keep the game properly maintained. The PLEX system is a good one. "Rich" persons will provide the ingame market with enough PLEX for the "poor" to buy via in game currency.
  15. I would like very much a lack of superweapon in order to create incentives to building it via scripting, by coupling radar capabilities with homing ordinance systems for example. This does not mean I don't want to see a LARGE RANGE of launchers and ammo types though
  16. If their is no incentive for a player or group to seek and meet each other, what is the point of making a multiplayer game right ? This nice battlecruiser we have built over there needs targets !
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    Heres my 2cents different power generating ideas Solar Piezoelectricity Wind turbine Water turbine Geothermal Fuel cell Fission Plasma MHD (?) Fusion X Ray (?) Antimatter
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