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    TheTechnician reacted to CoreVamore in NPC crews for space utilization & immersion.   
    Or, have a smaller ship....
    Or more useful real life crew.....

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    TheTechnician reacted to __aes__ in How to properly implement contraband/drugs   
    What if, instead, it temporarily boosted one ability, but made you dependent on it as in , for example, giving you temporary(say, 2 weeks?) massive debuffs if you don't take your next dose. It would also slowly permanently degrade all of your other abilities, slowly but steadily. This way, orgs try and prevent their citizens from taking the drugs, because they prevent the players from being useful to the org in ways other than that one, and are also very expensive. It would be good if all of the degrading of abilities is permanent, so as to discourage taking them in the first place, so that nq feels they are teaching a moral lesson, and also nobody feels they are encouraging the use of drugs, and sues them.
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    TheTechnician reacted to Eternal in system bosses and factions   
    Exactly! It sounds like WoW man! How come every single MMO that releases, these people are crying about instanced raids? Almost all MMOs are WoW clones because these people can never change their mentality. The moment this becomes another WoW clone, I'm gone! To be honest, I am fed up with all these clones in the market!
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    TheTechnician reacted to Lethys in system bosses and factions   
    Sounds like all those boring, useless, random,  unfun, Theme Park mmos out there. If du ever gets there, I'll burn all my accs for good and leave it for good.
    This is not what du is about and it's not what will be in the game (npcs) for a long time after release.
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    TheTechnician reacted to Primary in Inspirational Architecture   
    I expect stuff more like this:

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