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  1. When it will be like in Eve Online, I think we can watch dropping subscriptions and players in DU also very quick. In such a cool game (or any other new games out there) I somehow expect something new and not copy cat devs that copy pve/pvp from other game styles. Ganking and griefing? Good bye new game! Civilization building/ Story building/ Trade and Constructions-> stick with that!! This is so cool. Give PvP freaks a planet to shoot each other. I dont mind when I do not see them.
  2. even an old i5 will be good for Dual Universe. You use a client to login, the server is not runing on your machine. So make sure to have a nice graphics card and some 16 MB RAM and you will be fine with whatever.
  3. I dont care about PTW. When I like the stuff and it´s unique, I will buy it. I like to play and when I like the game I invest. When you dont want to purchase ingame stuff, just dont do it. It´s a personal choice and nothing comes for free, else the game wont be around for a long time.
  4. I did already see some funny designs what in my opinion brakes the theme abit. When you consider other games/MMO´s such as Secondlife was, it can look quite ugly. Not sure I would like to see too much eyesores, except you can purchase entire planets later for yourself or your corporation, put up your own land or building covenant everyone hast to follow, or ban/block and keep out all the bad stuff else.
  5. Well, there are PvP Fans and there are none. I love PvP but only and just in pure PvP games. (not sure it is allowed to name the games here, so I just avoid it for now). As long PvE and PvP mixes it comes mostly to harrasment, and griefing. Player environment gets toxic and thats mostly the moment I cancel subscriptions, or uninstall the client when I am forced to PvP for example in grinding zones. As long PvP and PvE do not intersect (for example pvp players have their own zone, server, planets) and I never have the need to go there, all is fine. Else when I want griefing, I go to work and at least get payed for it. In my spare time I want to relax while playing and not want to be bothered. In this way I mostly find a "home" in the game as explorer, trader, builder and I usually stay for years to come supporting the game. So we shall see what way it goes and until then I enjoy and also sponsor the game at the current state.
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