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  1. You must run all old computers with older Microsoft Visual C. Why would you want to run old stuff? Game is dead for me cause I can not install the old client anymore. Subscription cancelled. You can have my stuff.
  2. I did try an uninstall of DU client but not cure. I can not uninstall a newer version of .net or C++ or of anything else newer on my computer. Why should anyone want to do this? I think DU client should run on a newer version instead
  3. Can not update: ---------------------------------------------------- Client Update Athena: Microsoft Visual C++2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) Setup Error: 0x80070666 a newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ is already installed. --------------------------------------------------- I can not recover from this error. Client will not update, can not log in anymore
  4. No good. Client Update Athena: Microsoft Visual C++2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) Setup Error: 0x80070666 a newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ is already installed. I can not recover from this error. Game dead for now
  5. In safe zone the ore does not respawn anymore. At least not as of today. So in the long run I think this will be the only option to fly out to the astroids. Not bad, but not when I am forced to unsafe space to grind - and no, I would not prefer to buy the ore. I want to mine it :)
  6. Starbase could be interesting. I will have to check the ganking/griefing factor of their PvP mechanics. If I do not like it, it is not for me. PvP and PvE should never mix. In DU and with the Astroid update and the possibility to mine higher tier ore only in PvP zones - I think I am out soon. My subscription is stopped already. Who finds my tiles, they are yours.
  7. Okay, I take two of these ships. Where to buy?
  8. Are there any plans that all the scrap and clutter is removed in/around markets so there is not so much lag? Maybe autoreturn of 30 min when players do not pick up their stuff, or delete the items when the player has no inventory room?
  9. All multiplayer games. Does not matter to count beans now. Fact is: You pay to play a game. You lose stuff all the time cause someone robs you or you lose all because you die. This is just a show stopper, at least for me because I do not want to re-buy each time something bad happens. Maybe some people are Rockefeller jun. and they do not care. There are plenty of players out there who can blow $500 a month to an online game. I can not do that and I would stop playing such games. Can not tell you more about it.
  10. You dont loose inventory in: Archeage, FFXIV, Planetside2, Black Desert Online, ESO, Crowfall, Warframe, Fallout4, No Mans Sky (pickup again), Space Engineer, Conan Exiles, Astroneer (pickup again), WoW, Lotro, SWTOR, more? Eve lost alot of Player base. Just for the reason of ganking and griefing. People do not like it in the long run. As told, I watch this tightly in DU. I am curious what it will turn out.
  11. Nope. I do not know any big MMO you lose your inventory. Do also not any PvP MMO you lose your inventory while killed by another players - except "some" inventory in Eve Online. The reason many people stopped playing it. You invest your time and sometimes even real money due to ingame shops. Why should someone be allowed to steal your real money in form of inventory asset? This would attrackt alot of scamers, griefers and gankers supported by the game mechanic. If this is the case. Game is not for me.
  12. Well, I am a trader and builder. I dont care about PvP. When someone is in PvP or has a "fight tag" atm they could have a 1 hour cooldown so they can not teleport. Or as PvP player they should even not be able to access public markets or teleports...Something like that. I did never see this in any other PvP game that I lose my inventory for those reasons. MY inventory is my playtime, my money and I not want to lose it! Not by pirates, pvp players or teleports.
  13. This post was a long time ago but I am still interested to know and dont find an answer: 120, 480. then 1080? Was is it? In game curreny H? Per day, per week, month...year? Thank you
  14. Why? I want to take my inventory everywhere. When I teleport and I lose my blueprints - what sense does this make? You have limited space in your inventory. I can not smuggle tons and tons of gold bars but I want to keep my BPs, empty containers I made, TCU I bought..,. Why should I lose this? Makes no sense to me when you lose inventory or due to a respawn cause I go back because of a glitch or I am lost. No MMO does this. Do I lose my inventory also when I respawn at my own resurrction node? If yes, this would be a show stopper.
  15. Force Respawn - lost Inventory inkl. Tutorial stuff Startet all over again Force Respawn cause I was lost somewhere - lost Inventory A GM helped me to get some stuff back, not all. I have to start all over again collecting. Now in Surrogate Session for whatever reason but I am in Open World (my origin Inv still here). Do you want to Exit? I not want to be in Surrogate, why should I? Clicking YES - You will lose all your inventory!!! DU please - I DO NOT WANT to lose my inventory for whatever reason and whatever session, and whatever teleport/respawn I do. Please check into this. Thank you so much.
  16. The poll does not represent anything. PvP in PvP zones/space - yes PvP in PvE zones/openworld/openspace - no
  17. Yes, no. I think as long PvE and PvP players do not meet in game, all is fine. No whining, no griefing, no ganking. Like in ESO for example PvP folks have their own continent/land and in this case would maybe have their own space/planets. Resource and gathering: I would as PvE player not like it to cross boarders into dangerous zones ruled by PvP gankers. Dangerous zones by PvE pirats/ missions and their danger - yes. I am fine with that. As long no one is forced to PvP if he/she not wants to. It is just the griefing and ganking PvP players are always up to. PvE pirates do not show such behavour. And never forget: PvE players also build your bad ass PvP ships you blow up in 1 minute
  18. Thanks alot. In the meantime in game someone helped me. I think I am in the middle of a tutrial I did not know. Since I did this tutorial ages ago to get this little hover craft I was surprised all started all over again. Well, I am sure when I am finished with the tutorial I can leave the building then somewhere.
  19. Thank you. This is a good idea. I will try this next.
  20. There are too many "sh..." PvP games out there and no one ever had any new idea to play this in a different way. It is a boring game play
  21. I tried to find a quest or something. I remember way back there was one and you could leave with an elevator or pod thing. Can not find it in there. Can not find a quest or whatever, no signs, no arrows on the floor, no nothing. Strange.
  22. True! Eso is a very good example. It has a PvP zone no one is forced to go, except people who are up to PvP. Open World PvP would only work when you accept a duell what no one has to accept/ by choice only. This is the right way and I would have 0 problem with that playstyle. @Alexsandr: WoW is dead and Eve too. No one liked to be ganked in highsec there. The reason many player left.
  23. Any hints? I spawn in the building. I can somehow walk throug a blue shield into another room where is a door. The door in there I can not unlock. How can you get out there and even play the game?
  24. I was hopeing for the game focus is not PvP. Seems it is, so I do not log in to check very often anymore. Playing MMO`s/RPGs for more as 20 years now, all PvP Games I knew are dead in the meantime. Why: In the long run no one wants griefing, and ganking all the time when PvP is open world. PvP in arenas and when no one is forced to be there (due to quests or grinding) is fine however. All PvP Players can be there, messure their own d*** length and do not bother others. PvE games I knew are still around and have tons of players. Personaly I would not pay for a PvP Game subscription
  25. Things would be easy: When you die you respawn at your defined respawn point(s). The attacker (if any) get some points e.g. at a Battle Board/Ranking System... whatsoever) In PvP there should also be a ranking system for the attacker when they attack in groups/a single target, or in protected areas attacking someone who marks them as outlaws, or preventing them to visit public places or markets. A justice system like in Archage would be cool too, so the bad guy has to stand trial and players can vote "guilty" or "not guilty" and send them to jail. A jail could be a planet with some increased hazards to flee from or extensive travel time to get back to a normal system again. Something like that... About loot: Pirates can have the salvage from a wreckage what drops in parts and via RNG, but not my cargo or player inventory. Cargo drops in secure containers. No one should be able to loot my cargo or inventory beause as I am a paying customer this would at least qualifiy as digital theft. After all it cost my subscription to gather resources.
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