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  1. lul, but its also abdolutely undoable. If you upload hair, you should be able to upload everything else, including feet, lips, eyes, noses, ears and all the rest. Not saying about the clothes.
  2. Lol, just make it about 20-30 hair and facial hair precets, thats it. Like EVE does. You can create literally any character in EVE before the start. Why would you even want to upload your own hair onto your avatar, lmaololrofl Better have some clothes and body customisation options, like your own custom paint, etc.
  3. In EVE there was only one dull unrealistic skybox for years, and then they replaced it with very atmospheric stuff, that actually allowed us to see the Cloud Ring from all sides for instance, way before we approach it or pass by in neighbouring solar systems/constellations/regions. So i upvote this
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