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  1. Very welcome, It's promising to see the things players value returned back to the way they're needed. I believe if someone is found to be misusing such help they should be banned and that should be made very clear from NQ. Examples of this would be having a ship teleported outside the pvp zone and things like that. 


    As we learned at the start of beta if people are able to abuse without fear of punishment they will do it and it was very bad. I know staff started looking into situations towards the end and I strongly encourage this approach to helping once again. 

  2. I've noticed across many systems in Dual Universe we do not have enough rdms control.

    Usually things are you can either do it or you cant, legate can access everything for example but we can not exclude them from specific cores like the factory for example

    More rdms control should be added to every aspect to the game and should be included in all future updates. 

    For the org wallets we should be able to :

    Tax system which includes a way to track who has paid.

    Ability to give people access to org containers at market without them needing access to the wallet (more rdms)

    Rdms to separate the ability to give/take money collecting goods, this whole can do everything or can not do everything is a real pain to deal with


    If rdms are not included to separate the ability to give/take money from the org wallet its use will always be limited to 1-3 people which is a shame. 

  3. Good update. Some possible issues.

    1. warping with a package should break it, this will prevent people from stacking alts/missions on a ship and warping them all together to make it worth it (or may them super heavy?)

    2. Dumping items, the package its self needs to be impossible to dump, must remain in container and has a 10min opening timer or people will dump items when caught out of spite. If this happens there will be no point chasing them and the risk part of the system will fall and we'll be back to square one.

    3. If you log out you should fail the mission, this would prevent the alt manipulation to a point.

    4. Higher valued missions should go through pvp zone, for example able to put down 10m and be able to make...12.5m? on the other side. this will have pvpers camp those lanes + roam around asteroids giving them multiple things to do.


    I feel this will be a great update for the game but needs to be heavily tested, if this system is abused it'll make people really negative about it and it'll be harder to convince people to try it/play the game. 

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