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  1. This kind of feels like one of those rules that has to be enforced by GMs it's not really anyworse than someone spamming profanity in chat And as easy as wrist slap then ban or whatever But yeah 100% for sure I errr I mean someone would do that
  2. Firstly @op love you and your thought process. I could see a ransom mechanic that would be wonderfull and as much as I would love to enslave those who oppose me.... and their families I don't see a way that could actually be added to the game without other players agreeing to it. Perhaps an outer space region that is excesively dangerous and allows additional evil....
  3. despair, malaise, and beautiful beautiful chaos
  4. I like the idea of things in safe zones just logging off and disappearing or whatever, and things in dangerous zones being left floating to be pillaged by anyone lucky enough to stumble across it. If i leave my space ship laying around in the danger zone i should expect to log back in and re-spawn in a safe zone with empty pockets and only vague memories of a ship i once had. persistent sandbox to me means you better hide or get safe if you want things to be there when you get back.
  5. I wonder if there will be anything to protect from people buying a script/ship design etc and then reselling it again themselves.. could be interesting feature to have options to sell a use license of a script/ship or buying the distribution rights... I have often thought to myself "how can we bring the real life excitement of copyright law to a video game"
  6. I think the market for AI type scripts will be much more of a market than the ship designs, for a lot of people this type of game, the building is half the fun. The scripting will be much less popular of a pass time. but i mostly agree with what you said
  7. Sounds awesome! how do you feel about space fairing sociopath's who's goals are similar to that of locust or some form of virulent plague?
  8. Can't say i am familiar with that band, but my memory ain't what it used to be and thanks all for the warm welcome, i must admit i don't get the doctor reference, but don't feel bad i'm the one that's old and out of touch!
  9. So i love eve online, and space engineers so obviously when i learned this existed i had a bit of a mishap in my pantaloons from the excitement. I've created an organization called Blackguard Coalition. Its an homage to a great leader who was taken from too soon. The great Tyra Blade, a voracious warrior who's name to this day stirs feelings of anxiety all through the ring of cloud and great wild lands of eve. Other facts about me that may interest you: I'm way older than most people would believe if i told them, so I stopped telling people how old i am. Ancient, i'm ancient, i'm old enough that i can say racist things on a bus and no one calls me out on it, i don't do that but i could get away with it, i'm saying i'm old ok. I may or may not be invincible, so far all attempts to kill me by man or by disease have failed. I ate a bear, the whole bear, well ok not the bones and hair and such, and it took a few tries to get through it. I once had an elephant, ok that's not a fact about me its a lie, but i wish i had an elephant, elephants are cool. so i guess the fact is "I think elephants are cool" which is totally true.
  10. Found it for ya https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/296-devblog-territory-control/?hl=territories well i guess i found it for everyone else since you clearly already knew what it said
  11. so i guess the dev's agree a delay is necessary
  12. I just hope that if they do make wheels/tracks they're better than the space engineers ones, the space engineer in me cried a little when he read the bit "there will be rotors so you can make wheels" I know its not SE but if you live a year or so with randomly exploding rotor blocks you learn to fear them a little
  13. All i'm saying is there needs to be a delay mechanism, because you may think these vast cities populated by thousands will always have officers and warriors available to defend it, they wont. Even the largest coalitions will have weak time periods. Even the largest coalitions often have times where there is 0 leadership available to do whats required. I am not a loner, I'm someone who's lead large armies and seen the down fall of empires because of things that happen during sleepy time. Also yes, you can have massive armies of griefers, i see this game already has a goonswarm organization. if its true to the name name sake, get ready for exactly what you think can't and wont happen. so my quite realistic point of people laying waste to a city (not just 1 person necessarily) is not "shit" as you so eloquently put it. and "dedicated guard" isnt a thing that can happen, its a game people will come and go as they please even if you think you've paid them enough imaginary dollars to sit there all day and all night.
  14. which brings us back to the wait for him to log off disable the thing i need to disable and then take control while he sleeps
  15. as a veteran of time zone warfare, no there are not it may seem like it. but there's always big gaping holes of undefended time. and if you can just kick everyone off your area what's the point of it being something can take. It will just end up being "Oh no somethings happening kick everyone out" or constantly set to only allow a few people access to the area required to flip control To have contestable control points enemies need access to the point of contention or its a game of just sitting and waiting for someone to make an error in setting things up if that's the case it might as well just be a permanent claim
  16. I think given the always on state of things it will need some sort of timer function so that the game doesn't turn into "he's off line lets take all his stuff" like you have to do something to it, then come back later and do something again.
  17. I don't see the purpose in this if you: a ) cant kill people in these zones b ) require consent to the search a more worth while mechanic would be something that simply prevents destructive behaviour in these safe zones
  18. Thanks i tried the search to find if this was brought up but i must have missed it
  19. I don't think that's the case eve has shown that people will work insanely hard and then take the fruits of their labor and throw it at a problem knowing it might get destroyed in any event, if one had the time to create such weapons in game, they could just as easily wipe everything off the surface of the planet down to the un-diggable zone anyway and the result for the players would be the same, just in a much less awe inspiring way .
  20. what if you couldn't dig into it, but you could eventually amass enough arms to destroy a volume equal to the entirety of the planet. if it was an astronomical task that would take hundreds of people focused on a singular goal for an extended period of time. I think it would be nifty anyway.
  21. Is the planet entirely made of voxel material? if so will it be theoretically possible to destroy an entire planet? please say yes, if we really are going to have a GIANT universe with nearly endless exploration options and locations to call home it would be a real unique feature. Obviously this should be something that would take a huge collaborative effort and massive amounts of resources, something that may not be technically feasible to do but theoretically possible if a large group is dedicated to the task.
  22. Hi former one man army on EVE army here. Firstly multi-boxing takes skill, and anyone who says it doesn't hasn't really done it, or has only done the ratter/miner/noob gank crap. You aren't paying to win, you have to risk your assets valuable assets you worked hard for. And each of those combat assets gets a fraction of your focus compared to one person focusing on the status and actions of a single character. If i'm playing 2 accounts and fighting 2 people running 1 each, I am the one at a disadvantage (well all other things being equal) the pay to win and it has no skill argument is frankly insulting. Being effective in combat multi-boxing requires focus, practice, and aptitude (and some serious hardware at times : ) Personally i would want multi-boxing, but i wont be turned off the game if they find a way to prevent it and make it against EULA. *note i am absolutely 100% opposed to any form of software assistance or automation in multi-boxing so those people running 100 accounts that 1 shot everything wwhen they click once, that's not what i'm supporting*
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