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  2. This is silly, by that logic we sould wipe again after the wipe, whenever prices go a bit haywire. Highest I've ever seen was around 90-100, thats times four not x10... Let's be generous let's say 120 quanta... For a billion you'd need to sell 8,33 million liter t1 that is assuming dumping so much ore wouldn't depress the price. For 8,33 millions liters you'd still be mining AT THE VERY LEAST 40hours on meganodes, that's 40hours non stop clicking the green outline. More realistically it was like mining random T1 nodes 4 hours a day (assuming 200k in 4h which is neckbreak paste even with max talents), for about 41 days.
  3. New developments: The Warp beacon is now active and open for any merchants to use free of charge! Public Services LLC or (PBLX) is a massive neutral network of merchants, and traders. We have our doors open to anyone who wishes to join! Membership is free, and the rules are simple. Respect the other merchants, and PBLX property is all we ask Our mission is to bring the universe to the player, and to expand/encourage trade throughout the universe. Join in on the action and make some quanta with us. Happy sales to you all We have a new art shop opening up by B0neshredder! I'm personally excited to see the wonderful art that will be created. Stop by his art studio being build on the station and buy some cool cherry blossom trees, or other art creations! Visit, Art of the Bone! Camel Store will keep doing warp cells for 7500 for the time being, so you better stock up before the price are raised in the future. There will be a redo of the full store soon and will be fully stocked on all tiers of ore soon. There's plans for my expanded store - warp beacons. We are doing our best to keep the universe moving! Quarty INC - We're continuing to expand our honeycomb factory every day. We now stock all flavours of plastic and steel, priced competitively to beat public markets and fully factory supported! Check us out in VR "Quartys Honeycomb" (please remember, don't buy in VR). Shadow Templar Has a new store in the works, we all know and lover their products. Now they are offering you that same quality, but at twice the convenience! Browse their shop, or just drool at the voxel work. Check daily for new products All Good LDT - We are always improving our inventory and looking for ways to source better building materials to bring you the best at the lowest price. Our inventory is expanding daily so don't forget to check back at a later time ifwe done carry the item you are looking for. MINC - We are currently restocking inventory and apologize for some of the empty venders. We will be making improvements to our supply chain to better meet the needs of the market. Our shop has been reorganized and cleaned up, new items will be rolling out shortly! Uncommon indy and mining units over the next few days. We will continue to offer unbeatable prices, most items are far below market 6 and most the universe. 😮 Don't believe me take a look for yourself in VR or in person. VR - Anarchy Markets We'll soon have a public message board at the station for residents, and the public in general to chat among each other, and to leave messages for the shop owners as well.
  4. Easily fixed. XL cores cost 16x an L core (in this example). The player is still constrained by the cost of honeycomb making multiple XL cores prohibitively expensive. [EDIT: Most bases on Alioth - excl. towers - fit in a 3x3 L core matrix. Even the marketplaces?]
  5. But let's face it, there would just be 17 XL cores instead of the 17 L cores that are there currently with an even larger multi-core build placed there. And in the process your performance would be worse off. I'm sorry to say we unfortunately won't be introducing larger cores any time soon. For a number of reasons, most of which are technical related to performance and data. Multiple smaller cores actually have a number of performance benefits as the load limits apply better that way. - Deckard
  6. The most demanding assets for the DU game engine are multi-core bases - and the likely reason for the imminent and disastrous core cap changes - with many of these structures located in more populated areas. Even to build a runway a player must add multiple cores to their base, even if buildings only occupy 1-2 cores. This is suboptimal for the game engine. Here's a clearly visible example: Take this pyramid near market 13 on Alioth. The player is currently forced to use 17 separate L cores to form the structure, which means the LOD processing in the game engine is trying to optimise each of the 17 cores separately, impacting game performance. Meanwhile, a single very large core would enable the game engine to render it as a single optimised shape:
  7. I was able to maintain solo 5 tiles worth of active mining units. Selling the T1 ore alone from those tiles made me tens of millions a week. I could have done smarter things and made more. Now I am able to control at least 10 tiles worth of mining units alone. There is no need for teamwork and maintaining large operations alone is now not only achievable, but easy. With an already easy challenge made easier there is much less satisfaction for me.
  8. With the news that NQ is actually listening to players with the new update, I made this post a little easier to read.
  9. Today
  10. I would also add valuing your players time and input, and making sure you have relevant talent in your design and dev team, i.e.: DU's core functionality around building and scripting in LUA hasn't been materially improved since alpha - and still has some issues that were raised by players back in the original alpha Trello like static BP alignment. It feels like there's no one inside NQ really driving improvements there.
  11. I played EVE too. Got bored. (TBH also lost a lot of money to pirates on a risky haul and didn't have the motivation to rebuild.) The sci-fi game market is huge right now - partly due to the whole space travel zeitgeist. The PC gaming market is also twice as big as it was during Second Life's heyday. There's also a massive demographic wave of players coming who grew out of Minecraft, took their billion dollar spend into Roblox, and will next come looking for something pitched more at adults - but still in the building/coding genre, and ideally also tapping into the space trend. I reckon if NQ got this right, they could easily exceed Second Life.
  12. People who think they are geniuses because they can fit their gun into the smallest box possible seem like children to me. This resembles kindergarten motor skills exercises. I imagine that we can only be proud of what our intellectual allows us. PvP may be the reflection of one thing: small box => small brain.
  13. A wipe is necesary to reset the economy but also to reduce the unbalanced number of schematics in game. A wipe will reset the economy but does not fix it. Still a good balance needs to be implemented by NQ in the future updates. But what is overlooked is the number of schematics that have being bought in the few months where Ore prices went rogue. It was I think somewhere after the 0.23 update when the bots where removed and Ore prices went so high that all it took was mine one megaNode and you gained 100-200 million quanta. The income increased by 10x but the schematic prices stayed the same. This caused that a lot of players became a billionaire and could affort ALL schematics. My opnion is that there are way to many schematics amongst us. There should be lower rate by which schematics are getting spread amongst the players (schematic prices tightly coupled to the ore prices). Therefor schematics needs to be part of the wipe as well.
  14. for most closer future.. i think you are right mate.. thats something around what you say.
  15. Perhaps you just chose bad tiles (poor) or something else.. unfortunately I find it difficult to answer what is going wrong with you.. but if this is how you say on your side, then this is really bad. Even though I don't understand.
  16. maybe you are right, I can’t, for example, check all the players’ logs, for example, as above, who for some reason lose money .. But the fact that just a lot of ore appeared on the market makes it clear about something. That there is TOO much ore .. And this is not clear to me. But with the current update, yes, IMHO it is now more convenient than even burrowing was. Now it is quite possible to support and calibrate 42 miners only once a week. For me, this is more than acceptable, to do nothing for a week, to engage in creativity and my own questions, and recalibrate once a week and get my ore in essence in afk. After the current changes.
  17. Well, we have what we have .. and maybe in a couple of years ..hehe
  18. And if you add another 2-3 years on top of that for those of use that has been here since the very beginning, this is EXACTLY why we are so frustrated with the NQ dev process and this 'game' that could have been so great but is going nowhere.
  19. Ya I don't understand these people. When someone says survival mechanics I do not think about eating,drinking. I'm thinking about an environment that can kill you, ya know if you fall a long distance. Or need special suits for certain extreme temperatures of planets, etc. Stuff that gives some challenge and diversity to planets.
  20. I like the changes. But to be honest, increasing the grace period and the calibration unit recharge in a similar way would have been enough. Good Job, NQ
  21. Numbers wise, i would say the population has been rather flat. I've been bumping into new players quite frequently in the last 2 months. But most of them tend to go silent after first 2 or 3 weeks. I have feeling that once they build their first base/factory, get the first workable S and M core ( which we often give them for free because we treat them as unicorns) they tend to run out of things to do, unless they have the Landmark bug. Can't really blame them, there isn't much to do beyond that. After demeter i've noticed quite a few pre 0.23 players peeking their heads back in, mostly to come back to check on their old stuff and see if anyone from their old orgs is still playing. But like new players i would say only about 1/3 of them stick around beyond the move my stuff from surface to space/sact tile. All in all i'd say DU doesn't bleed any more than it gains back, but it's certainly not growing, and quite frankly why would it? Even if we get wrecks and salvage in next major pach it isn't quite some novel or excitiong new game loop. Builders will build, rest will loiter around for a while than shake their heads and move on. It's the way it was, and apparently that's way it will be for forseeable future. happy voxeling and trolling general lads and lasses
  22. So you'd propose NQ spend years implementing all proposed features, fixing PVP, balancing the economy, and make the game super fun. And then, risk it all with not removing all the garbage resulting from the chaotic dfevelopement process. Sure, uh huh, fat chance.
  23. Also.. can I get a refund for the charges count talent as I do not need more than 25 .
  24. I don't care about how many cores or quanta the other players have. All I care about is the ability to build my stuff when and how I want, and be creative and free to experiment. And for this simple reason Demeter fails at all counts, since grind and forced menial tasks is and has always been the antithesis of creativity. That's why I stopped mining (old way), and that's why I am now in the process of burning out the same way I did back then with MU's. And collecting surface ore has never ever even been a consideration (did my share of that type of game play like 15 years ago, and there are countless games that does this MUCH better for those into it). And so with regard to creativity the tax/MU system is even worse (more grind for less resources, and constant pressure to do certain tasks) then the old mining ever was. And so the end effect is that I stop playing DU for long periods, just waiting around looking for any glimmer of hope that here will be a game worth playing in the future. And if the silent majority of players where fine with Demeter, why is it then that we are now getting an unscheduled and immediate emergency update to tax and MU's after NQ looked at logs and player patterns? And looking at the changes we are not talking about minor adjustments here, since those are clear 'ohh shit, let's try and fix this' amounts of change..
  25. Why does every single one of you automatically assume "having to eat, cook, crap" when we say "survival elements"? No one is talking about having to eat and drink and what not. What we talk about (what I also explicitly mentioned in a video of mine) is survival elements as in: no possibility to breathe under water. Needing shelter from natural elements (storms, rain, snow, cold). Making it so that you actually DIE if you fall into an abyss. Making it so that you cannot simply fly off into space sitting on a bloody chair without any protection around you. All that ties in together with energy, industry and so on. And of course you can have food and crops and animals and everything - not because you need to consume food every 5 minutes (which is stupid when used in many games), but because through crops and food you have other linking game loops, and the food you can use for boosts or whatever. Ugh!!! God it pisses me off when people keep copy-pasting only the same one argument ignoring everything else ...
  26. It's NQ being inconsistent.. they use "offline" and "inactive" for the same thing (tiles that have missed due date for tax)
  27. Hello Noveans, We have released an update today, DU is now in version 0.27.15. The changes can be found below: Gameplay Changes and Balancing Territory Upkeep & Calibration : As announced, taxes are back. Following up on the community’s feedback, some changes have been applied. See this devblog for more details. Base calibration charge slots have been raised from 5 to 25. Talent-based calibration charge slots have been raised from 1 per level to 5 per level. Territory Units upkeep has been decreased from 1,000,000 to 500,000 quanta. After being calibrated, mining units will not lose calibration for 72 hours (previously was 48 hours). Bug Fixes Prevent deploying space constructs via blueprint on planets or asteroids. Prevent deploying dynamic constructs via blueprint on asteroids. Thank you all for your support! - Deckard
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