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  3. Parent Organization Aeonian Federation: http://bit.ly/2M5PPLC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Free-Reign Diplomacy Alliance [FRDA] initiative is an effort in foreign outreach to connect with the smaller organizations in Dual Universe. The initiative is designed to offer smaller organizations a way to connect with a “parent” or “guardian” organization to satiate their growth. <This is by no means a separate organization, rather it is an initiative started and supported by the Aeonian Federation's administration> By joining the FRDA, you gain access to the support of the Aeonian Federation, its citizen benefits, and the benefits listed below. Please understand that we take care of our own, so we urge you to take this offer of generosity seriously. - Chief, Director of Everything [AFED] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loyalist Code The Loyalist Code is the governing code of law for the FRDA. It decides who is able to join the initiative, what is required of them, and how the might access their benefits. The Loyalist Code is as follows: Section 1 - Legality An organization’s operations are deemed “legal” if and only if they do not break the universal set of standards for legality. If an organization’s operations break another organization’s laws it is deemed illegal ONLY if the laws align with the previously mentioned universal standard. Illegal acts are considered in the same fields as: griefing, piracy, and terrorism. Anything outside of those categories is otherwise deemed legal. Section 2 - Applications Any organization can apply to join the FRDA; it’s as simple as joining the AFED Discord server and reaching out to the Director of Foreign Affairs. We accept, as mentioned, any type of organization so long as they only partake in legal activities. If your organization meets the requirements set out in Section 3, then you have a good chance at getting accepted. When your organization is accepted into the initiative and you have satisfied the “integration” requirement, you will gain access to the benefits layed out in Section 4. Section 3 - Requirements The requirements for joining the FRDA are simple, concise, and are created with the sole purpose of giving your organization the best chance at success. Your organization cannot already be a part another alliance group This is to ensure that you aren’t caught up in the spider’s web of allegiances prevalent in DU. Nor do you need to, as you gain access to the wealth of AFED. If you are already in another alliance group, take a look at their Return On Investment [ROI] and ask yourself “is it worth being in this group?” Your organization will be held accountable under AFED’s central legislature and Non-Aggression Pact. This allows your members to gain access to AFED’s roster of citizen benefits, whilst also allowing all of our states to co-exist peacefully. Your organization must send a minimum of 1 representative to join the AFED portal page and Discord. This is so your organization gets equal representation in AFED If your members want access to AFED’s citizen benefits, then they to need to join the portal page and Discord. Section 4 - Benefits & Incentives By joining the FRDA, your organization is granted a plethora of benefits, which are tailored to the way your organization operates. Your organization is considered a part of AFED Defended within PVW’s immediate territories and minor logistical routes Gain access to a special roster of large clients like: Meridian Jumpworks, Didact Development Group, and more Gain access to the investor benefit packages within PVW Get access to Tier 1 investor benefits Gain access to a wide host of facilities to utilize like: Factories Logistical Warehouses Residential Facilities Gain the ability to apply for stateship within PVW Any previous participant applying for stateship will be recognized as a “FRDA Loyalist” and will receive higher consideration than normal applicants Gain the full backing of the entirety of the Aeonian Federation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Lachenlaud

    Recycle element

    I agree - a recycler should break down anything put into it to its previous 'component part' BUT if you go beyond that it should be at a loss, i.e. if you try to get back to 'raw' stock you should only get a specific percentage back from it (perhaps based on a recycling skill?)
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  6. Zekarsis

    Standardizing construction

    i don't think everyone compeletly sees my vision. in my mind standardized construction mostly effects large ships and structors especially when you wish to dock a large ship with a station or building. while you can have many differnt designs for both structors and large ships you will need some kind of design that can make docking for such ships easier. im not saying you cannot customize your ships or structors freely but that theres a set concept that people can use as a guide to make docking and transfers of materials easier.
  7. CanadianFrodo


    Ello from Canada
  8. PiNkPoRsChE

    CCPA | Contractual Cooperative Peace Accord

    Sorry for jumping the gun then didn't mean to call you out just seemed a little off. That makes more sense, I didn't know it had changed. Thanks for the updated info.
  9. ShioriStein

    Recycle element

    Well i dont agree a bit about it, it make recycle become too easy. I would like to see player setup recycle industry tho. Like an element already craft so you can basic recycle it to decompose it back to part that need when create that element. But if you want to recycle that part back to raw material you will need a bigger machine or set up a recycle system for it. It will be fun.
  10. Apillion

    Recycle element

    We need a Element that can be placed in your base or ship that can recycle elements that you no longer need to return a portion of the raw materials.
  11. Apillion

    Salvage tool

    There should be a tool to salvage abandoned or damaged constructs.
  12. Aaron Cain

    Hello from the land of maple and bacon

    Hear Hear!!
  13. MXAlex

    Hello from the land of maple and bacon

    What's the point? It wont be enough anyway. Can never have enough bacon in one go, safe thing is to spread it out. One does not need safety when on bacon, problems will go around you so as to not get hurt themselves.
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  15. Hey, so I apologize if we weren't clear enough (seems to be a bad habit), but with Genova Federation, members refers to individuals, not full organizations as it did in GLSU. Pengo made a post with detail back in March that mentioned it. The alliance system, which deals with full organizations, was designed to have more clear cut relations between us, and other organizations; things like trade agreements, military alliances, etc. Hopefully that clarifies everything.
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  17. As I begin my venture in what I hope to be an awesome and amazing experience let me describe where I come from and what I hope to find here. As for space sims, I began life as a pilot in Eve with 2 accounts. One was a mining and manufacturing account and the other was a stealth and exploration account. It was getting expensive though to maintain 2 accounts so I primarily would only pay for mining account until I could afford plex regularly to keep both accounts alive without using any real money. I stopped playing Eve in 2014 when it just stopped being fun for me. I then tried out a few other games but really got into 3 main games, each for its own reason. KSP was fun for the challenge of building ships that could get into orbit and travel to other planets. I really enjoyed the challenge with newtonian physics and a realish orbital system. Space engineers gave me the opportunity to be creative with my builds and play with automation and programming in a "survival game." I still enjoy this game and p[lay it on occasion but found it lackluster with no real goals and little to do outside of imagination. I found Dual Universe and followed it for a while before biting the bullet, I like the direction it is heading and am really hoping to tie in all I enjoyed out of the other three games noted above. I will be looking for a group to join but am not sure in which area I plan to focus yet. Invites will be welcome but I am not sure when I will be ready to make a commitment as I may plan to begin my own after venturing into the game.
  18. MopnexAndreyno

    Hello there

    Yes, I've found it (https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/conglomerate-of-independent-corporations/). I'm looking for everything I think, but mostly for PvP and a good team with sense of humour .
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  20. ShioriStein

    A New planet

    I dont know how you can determine only one man ship can leave its gravity. The stronger the gravity is, the more fuel to feed and stronger engine to escapes the gravity so if it too strong the small ship may also cant even get out of the gravity because it dont have enough fuel and engine not strong enough.
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  22. NEWMidgetMAN

    A New planet

    A planet where only a one man ship can leave its gravity. With a special ore only found on it. Id like that.
  23. Last week
  24. Baymer1

    Baymer1, astronaut

    Hello! I am baymer1! I just found this game and backed, excited to help progress this game! This may also be a verification post to prove I'm a real person...


  26. PenroseLabs:20BBA5AB4647775E7574CF68CE315B7F

  27. QuantumKitty

    QuantumKitty is not a bot

    So do I get my Discord permissions or am I still a robo kitty???
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