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  3. If trees generate lag the first thing to do is kill all trees around a base, but if trees generate lag i can imagine that every generated small hole also generates lag, so then if that was the case and i want a lagg infested base so its easy to defend i would just make the ground one chees grid of about a thousand small hole tunnels crisscrossing my territory. That is probably then a very effective way to overload the server on my position. So the lagg reason to not introduce trees is one we can scrap as probably the players themselves can find ways to induce lagg much more efficient.
  4. That's a very promising system. I should clarify that I didn't mean for my comments to say that it's unfair veterans have an advantage over newbies. I meant that DU could eventually become so daunting that newbies feel very little hope, which I've seen in well-established MMO's. But the system you described there seems to help alleviate that possible issue. I feel that I've also very poorly explained my intention of this post. I threw out an idea, a faulty one, that doesn't discourage newbies from playing when they're constantly getting pummelled. With Kenshi, you welcome the pummelling, the humiliating defeats and the enslaving because it improves your characters stats in the long run. That was the principle, to benefit from defeat. To welcome it. Other than the benefit being learning from mistakes. Realistically, there probably isn't a mechanic that improves your stats the harder you're defeated without being exploited. MMO's just have to rely on there being a wide variety of things to do to cater for as many people as possible and the community to encourage new players to continue playing when things are bleak. As well as the current system whereby there are many different ways to fight and assist in a combat situation.
  5. In minecraft I spent a lot of time planting underground woods It would be cool to have gardening elements in DU just for aesthetic purposes. Probably allow planting them only on claimed territory just to avoid some kind of abuse.
  6. I don't like the idea. This may be fun mechanics for solo action fighting, but not for space game where combat has more tactical elements. If you take damage with your space ship - logically that it's components are damaged therefore work worse. I would understand if at some point your speed will decrease, you won't have initial agility and acceleration, part of weapons won't shoot anymore and resists would just decrease. I understand if stats don't change just for making combat a bit more fun-friendly and not that hardcore. But I cannot find any explanations why your ship should operate better when it's damaged and nearly destroyed. Old players should have advantage, in other case there is no sense in playing and learning skills.
  7. on previous Alpha stage they had servers running for 2-4 days per week. After 2 September you'll see next test session schedule via that link.
  8. Ah so there is no permanent test server? What happens after september 2 so no access?
  9. I'm not sure how discovering a comet would work--maybe survey telescopes or radar stations. But once it gets close enough to form a tail everyone would be able to see it. Until that, I could see players and orgs that discover a comet auctioning off it's location for ridiculous amounts of money (like, tens or hundreds of millions maybe). Even if it only gets you a few days head start that'd be enough time to at least set up shop and secure a large chunk of comet. Once the word gets out though I can see entire impromptu orgs and alliances forming up whenever a comet appears. Like, mining orgs, military orgs, freight fleets, and dozens or hundreds of lone players forming a combined fleet just to go and mine a comet. Or just everyone in the area immediately dumping whatever they were doing and heading to the comet. If comets do get added to the game, I think I'd set up a mining org with preorder funding; you pay me for the ore you want, we head out, mine it, and bring it back to base where you can pick it up.
  10. Hmm... Well, we could all get out one one side of the comet and push it away from the sun...unless it's fixed to a path. Though I'd love to see an org or alliance of orgs building a fleet of ships just to move a comet. That'd instantly make EVE Online's battles look like small potatoes--we here in DU are moving comets with hand-built ships the size of cities. Also, I don't remember if I said this, but when FTL is a thing maybe some Oort cloud objects like super cold comets could be added. Or give Ion or some other planet a captured comet for a moon?
  11. Sorry, I meant to say that comets would be more or less the only place for super rare ores (like Tier 6, 7, or higher) when more are added to the game. Perhaps there could be one or two planets or moons with a few locations with some ore deposits (like old craters from ancient comet collisions). But those would be few and far between, and deposits would be incredibly difficult to find. While you have to wait for comets, they would have larger and more densely packed ore deposits. So aside from waiting, getting there, digging through ice, and dealing with other players, mining a comet for super rare ores would be a lot easier than mining on a moon or planet. Basically, it's a tradeoff. Instead of taking the already existing mining difficulties (finding ore and digging for it) and just increasing them for another ore tier, comets would be a new type of difficulty. A more interesting and challenging one that would be a lot more interesting. Even for someone who loves mining, high Tier ore difficulty would make mining them cross into tedious territory. If there are people ok with that then they can search for planetary ore deposits. I'd rather trade more mining tedium for something more dangerous and challenging. Something like comets. I hope that explains it better.
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  13. How would "Toughness" help a new player survive ? The attribute is increased by taking damage in combat, so a "vet" will have many times the toughness rating of a newbro, which will make them that much harder to kill. It may well result in a worse outcome for the newbro overall... It works in Kenshi, because your units become more effective over time as their Toughness increases, but the NPC's don't get the same resistance boost. So your units get better, but the NPC's you're fighting don't evolve in parallel (as other players would in a PVP-based MMO).
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  16. Good Luck with your organization and always feel free to take a trip to the City of Tranquility so i can invite you to a welcome drink Out of curiosity, do you have more info on your plans? Cya around!! greetz Aaron
  17. There's no need for sophisticated rules to remove "abandoned structures" outside the safezone. DU already has the most effective structure-removing mechanic in gaming: FFA-PVP ! Inside the safezone, things get more complicated. NQ have raised the possibility of having "activity timers" to determine whether a structure in a safezone should be removed. If the owner of the structure does not login for a specified amount of time, the structure is removed. This is particularly important for hexes claimed on the sanctuary moons. The idea was that everything in that claimed hex would be "packed-up" and stored by the game until the player returned one day. Losing everything you have because you took a break from the game is a very strong incentive not to return...
  18. There have been several discussions around this topic over the years, and the feedback from NQ was basically "no tree planting in the environment". Apparently, trees and plants have the potential to massively stress the servers if we're allowed to plant them anywhere at will. Someone will go out and plant a forest of 50K trees, because they can... In the short term, the best we can hope for would be "plant elements" that can be deployed in the build space of a static core. There already are a few of those ingame, hopefully more will be added later.
  19. Hi @TACOTUESDAY Many members of the team were on holidays during the past two weeks. So the response time on support tickets may have been affected. You will get a reply as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  20. I'm DemonizedGaming and I'm starting a Nation org called Alioth Federation, so far it's me and a friend so were wanting people to help build this org from the ground up. If you are interested in joining follow link to our discord https://discord.gg/35dF8q7
  21. I need moderators know that I am a human
  22. We make some really great builds and have a good time while doing it. You can see pics of some of our builds on NQ posts and videos. Here is a nice ships bridge from the Newton's Folly
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  25. As you said, this idea opens too much space for exploits. PvP players would organize themselves to have the most toughness possible, defeating each other in friendly training. The only way to deal with the fact that there will be powerful and weak characters (because we need this, it creates a lively society...) is to enforce the inter-dependencies between all players. If industrious and carebear transporters players are necessary to PvP core game, they will be protected and encouraged to continue their business. In the opposite, if a player can be powerful AND autonomous, it's like Homelander in The Boys, he can do what he wants for no particular reason. 🐵
  26. Hello and can't wait for the game!
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