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  2. You can build as big as you want. Many ship components are not in the game yet and later on there will be very large thrusters. To simply answer your question - YES, you can build really big ships, its just a question how much resources you have XD
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  4. I can imagine this being possible, but then we will need a sort of Box screen, a screen that can be placed flat on the ground but has a dimension in all directions, then with Lua the X,Y And Z should be plotted within this "box" That would generate a 3d structure on that screen. Still this would technically not be a hologram but a very thick screen so you can have a x-y-z plotted. If this is possible i would also like a ping to see movement, so a refresh rate that keeps the last location and adds a new one, for lets say a dot or 4. Ideas?
  5. still a good point, it would be a sort of really thick glass, like bulletproof. Why not? it will make building interesting, and i can imagine its possible to add it somehow, would be really nice to be able to build dome like structures with it on planets and ships
  6. Hi fellow adventurers, I am Zubio or Max what you prefer. I am really excited to be a part of this project and very curious what about to come?. It is a pleasure for me to shape this new World, new galaxy with you. If you want to shape it with me and share my principles it would be a pleasure for me to invite you to my corp. Its for everyone who is curious about this new world and at least a bit creative ?. But i dont wanted to make advertising. Best regards Zubio
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  9. Ich habe Neuigkeiten: Einige Mitglieder werden auf der Gamescom anwesend sein und auch dort Ausschau nach Interessenten halten. Auch wollen wir das NQ meetup nicht verpassen. Ich werde zu 100% dort sein...! Du auch?
  10. I've been watching tutorials made by J.C on YouTube, and I saw that there was no video about robotics but only on programming. So, I was wondering if, in Dual Universe, i could be able to create, for example, a huge mechanical arm for an industrial use, create articulations for maybe ... a human-looking robot, or even functional undercarriage for my spaceship ! So, will i be able to do such things ?
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  18. Ships, stations, planets are treated equally by game engine so the there is no size limit, however, keep in mind that any space ship becomes a space station the moment that you fail to apply enough force to move it. Ships will have mass, movement requires force and fuel, build too heavy ship and it will be way too expensive or even impossible with available in-game engines to move it
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  22. Do you mean Radar? and this may be an NDA topic because you're saying something about the UI if the 2D is already a thing, so watch out.
  23. Exactly. I consider this as a huge advantage.
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  26. Louzada

    Hi! :-D

    Hello everyone! It is very good to participate in this community. I'm sure this is the game that all of us space game fans have always dreamed! Thank you Novaquark for making this dream come true!!! ? Louzada
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    Hi! Just got DU and need discord auth.
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