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  3. Long term returns on cheaper transportation.
  4. Roads will definitely be a thing. I am limited by NDA so I will just mention economic theory. Flying is more fuel expensive than roads but faster. IRL plenty of stuff is moved through the air but much more is moved along the ground because it is not time intensive to get it somewhere fast and is cheaper. With few players in alpha, competition is very small and there is more value in getting things done fast. Full release we will have more concern over long term costs, especially concerning massive projects or large economies where dozens of trips are required. This is a game though so I expect air freight to have a more equal share in ratio. In any case, I think different shaped boxes would be the most reasonable without things getting broken, but I may be wrong.
  5. Context

    Municipalities and Governing System

    Even without LUA though we can simply manually enforce rules. Theoretically, some groups could already be manually enforcing rules to good effect. Having items and code just makes it easier to manage, though might be a near requirement for many once we begin to heavily industrialize and small metropolis' begin to show up. I don't think we will ever have something which can do this for a whole planet, some of this speculation cannot be shared due to NDA though.
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  8. Mod-Merwyn

    Unlock my account in support DU

    Thread locked. (see https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/15041-can-someone-explain-it-to-me/ for reasons) ~ Merwyn
  9. gravetender

    What do people think of the current economic system?

    I've been working on a bot that will work alongside the in game one. Got the chance to poke the idea to lord JC. I'll make the bot have the users and factions make their own missions xD It'll gud stuff and this thread does interest me a lot xD
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  11. Atmosph3rik

    Unlock my account in support DU

    I would send a Private Message to @NQ-Nyzaltar here on the forums and ask what you need to do to have your access to customer support reinstated. Have you done that yet?
  12. Please Unlock my account in support DU; 4 months have passed; waiting waiting....
  13. rothbardian

    Another citizen for world 1st real metaverse

    More specific plans? It all depends what DU allows and Novean interactions. Here are my next five or ten year plan: Build a small city with M. Rothbard ideas and ideals. Create a financial system where venture capitalists, hedge funds and medium-sized institutional investors meet via stocks and options exchange. Protect financial players from fraud/scams by proper regulation and laws supported by military establishments.
  14. DecoyGoatBomb

    Municipalities and Governing System

    For sure. I think simple tools can go a long way with our input and colaberation. It would be interesting of some LUA be used to augment city management.
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  16. Possibly in time. But probably not immediately. The other issue is that with NQ as the effective central banker that can track everything, that's a critical developer function for a virtual world with a virtual economy - certainly to mature the economy first to a sufficiently robust place. I do like the suggestions of financial gameplay (some cool boardgames of various types here iirc), but big BUT!
  17. That's... Wonderfull ! Shockeray, you rock ! We should create a cult in your name ! For my information, how do you get those informations ? You use NK organizations page to extracts informations on organizations and members? With this software, is that possible to add information, as the kind of organisation they are ? Like a color legend for mercenaries, pirates, traders, designers... And is it possible to have a second, lighter version, with the "main ones", of over 50 members ?
  18. Original post edited. We have gotten several new members: sgtpwnd - Crafting and Science Pizzaaboi - Crafting and Science Zeeger - Logistics Ooran Gootan - Crafting and Science Lacunaas - Crafting and Science AngelofDeath82 - Military (Pilot) Factual Orc - Crafting and Science This as amazing ^^ these people are great and having spent time with them for a while now we are super happy to have accepted them into our fold. If you want a good crew to hang out with, dont hesitate to apply!
  19. PiNkPoRsChE

    Hello all of you :)

    Welcome & Wow! That's some nice modeling you have there, great detail work. If you're interested in working with a design team for future DU constructs you should stop by Silver Light Industries & Check us out. https://discord.gg/Z2Frz59 Otherwise, fly safe and hope you find your work in later DU gameplay.
  20. Context

    Municipalities and Governing System

    Since we will have the basic frameworks given to use, we just need to add some more user-created definitions and poof, we have 99% of what you suggest. We just have to do some of the leg work ourselves and everyone's parameters will be slightly different.
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  24. Yuuyake

    What do people think of the current economic system?

    Interesting proposition. The game in itself will be hard to understand for news players (protection system, global and local social codes, politic, geography, even history...). It's a lot to catch up if you don't join in the very beginning... Having the ability to travel freely with a unique currency will make things a lot easier. But you can combine the two systems ! It will be more or less important depending of the importance of "local ressource", I think: Imagine a large asteroid field far from everything else, and mostly composed of a really rare metal. On sectors far away, this ressource will be very rare and expensive => You will be advantage to sell it to the best auction, so in the "game currency", because you will have more buyers. But on the asteroid field, other commun ressources could be scare there, like fuel => If you sell fuel there, it will be best for you to exchange it against the rare metal directly.
  25. Yuuyake

    Micro-credit Loans

    As is the component creation. For a simple construct yes, but for ones with complex components, they will also have to buy it, or at least buy the service of building it (if it's not one of their specialty). There is many services witch don't require assets (or not directly) => Intel, advice, management, thievery, murder, communication , trade, teaching... Assets make them easier and more effective, but you could start a service with only your brain . (Not talking about organ traffic here, as it will count as Primery sector activity ! ^^) The right management will indirectly allow it, with a barter mechanism. And you could always mine back the materiels and sell the component => Only the blueprint cost will be lost. Well... The risk of having your asset destroy or steal is much more likely than to have some rich problem as loss over asset restitution ! ^^ I think profitability will be calculate on a "annihilation risk per day" ! ^^
  26. Wernstrom

    What do people think of the current economic system?

    New and casual players will be conservative and only work with the safest currency(s) which should make the governments try to be as honest and safe as possible, if they want more players. Serious players will have another game to play: foreign exchange and arbitrage. The "craziness going on with scams and pirates and tycoons" would mostly involve the serious players. I think this will bring players together because they depend on the same money. It would be huge force in the game that makes governments much more important. Alliances will involve financial issues. It would also help players see other governments and other players as "other" because they're part of a different system.
  27. Eternal

    Micro-credit Loans

    @Yuuyake Very good question! I was actually talking about real-life model (which is what I would prefer). The way that the Devs plan to design the economy, is Players will be able to sell Blueprints that cannot be duped and can be used to produce limited amounts of Constructs only (like only 10 or something like that). This means that the people who will buy Blueprints will have to shoulder the required Material costs to produce physical Constructs -- Material costs is on the Consumers along with the Blueprint cost. The Market Value of Blueprints should be more than their total Development costs -- if they're not, there is no profit. Blueprint Development is the Secondary Sector of this game. Tertiary Sector is the people who will buy these Blueprints, shoulder the Material costs themselves to produce physical Constructs, and use these Constructs to create Market Value by providing Services. You cannot provide Services without Assets (physical Constructs is one of them). Again, there must be profit on this Sector otherwise this whole logistics is pointless. I don't know if you could ever Liquidate Assets (physical Constructs) in this game. I would prefer that we could by being able to sell physical Constructs, otherwise it would suck! If you could never Liquidate such Assets, then it counts as an Expenditure. We bought a developed Fish Farm + Land Property in real-life that has no tenant. We don't count what we spent to purchase the Asset as an Expenditure in our Fish Farming Business -- the Asset has value in the Real Estate Market and we can always Liquidate that Asset. I know the local Real Estate Market well and I always update myself -- I have been studying it since like years ago. Imagine running a business where Assets could never be Liquidated -- it will be harder to make net profit and your risk is higher! I would highly recommend that this game give us the ability to Liquidate Assets (physical Constructs). If you can never Liquidate, you can never exit!
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