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The Battle of the New Year - Dual Universe PvP


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The Battle of the New Year

With the recent patch NQ added two space resource spots into the game. These resource spots can be mined for the most valuable resources in the game. The building blocks for powerful exotic elements, weapons, and even warp beacons. Each of these space resource spots is worth billions to the organization that owns them.

In the current state of DU power struggle, there are only two real superpowers. Legion, a pvp alliance formed from the ashes of the beta alliance AC and Lodestar, a large coalition of multiple organizations bounded together to fight the threat that Legion poses.

In the opening days of the patch there were some back-and-forth battles for control of the alien cores with Lodestar eventually claiming them and holding them for weeks. After constant harassment over the holiday season Legion was finally ready to make its move. Legion reinforced the alien cores which put the cores into invulnerability until a time chosen by the defending owner. The first of the cores coming out at 00:43 utc new years day. This Video is of this battle.

The battle of the New year ended up being one of the best fleet fights I have ever been in. The back and forth and strategies both sides use were evolving and the skills of the pilots evolving even mid-battle led to an intense battle and one for the history books. Legion ended up retaking the alien cores for now. Good fight to Lodestar and I hope to have many more battles to come!


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