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Working as intended or bug?


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Regarding the T1 XS Element schems....


I've noticed this on the xs square lights and xs relays. 1 schem is suppose to make 6 lights or 2 relays. However, when I put them in the machine and hit start, the machine is eating 6 & 2 schems (respectively) for every 1 time the machine is run. I'm not currently running schems, outside of pure ore, or ones that make 1:1, to check and see if this is consistent over all the sizes or if it's just xs's that this is affecting.


Am I wrong in thinking this is a bug? If not, wth would they not just make everything requiring a schem 1:1 instead of implying that you only need 10 xs schems to make 60 lights (for example).

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One schematic is enough to create one standard unit of product as listed in the base recipes found via the crafting interface (hotkey = K ). Industry units however have preset batch sizes whereby instead of allowing you to produce an individual standard unit of product they often require that you create several at once. This was done to improve game performance as it far less intensive to create say a 1000 screws every 1000 seconds, then it is to create 1 screw every single single second.


Since you mentioned it, lets take a look at the Square Light XS as an example. This is the base recipe as listed in the crafting interface and from it we can conclude 1 schematic will produce 1 light while also costing a single basic connector and basic power system.


Now if we look at the associated industry unit interface (in this case an assembler XS) we see that 6 are produced for every run and that each run takes 3 minutes. Thus you will need to have at least 6 schematics inside the schematic bank, one for each standard unit which is being produced.


Hopefully that helps. I know this question popped up a lot especially during the first few days after batches were introduced. If you have any suggestions on how to make it more obvious that would be really helpful.

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