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New player gifted DAC to friend.


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Hi all,

Im new, but have been a backer since the initial crowdfund.
I have gifted 1 DAC to a friend, but when ever they start the game from steam it is launching the free trial, not the live world?
Any guide on how to stop this please?

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Hello PaddyBaptiste and welcome to the forums.:)


Steam requires that a singular, non-reoccurring, purchase for at least 1 month of gametime be made through them to unlock the ability to play on the persistent server via said steam client. If you browse to the steam store page you should see an option to buy 1 month of gametime listed there. After making that purchase another option will then appear on steam for launching the non-demo version of Dual Universe. Please note if you do make said purchase, there will be a new Redeem Gametime button added to your My Products page which you will need to press to add the gametime purchased via steam to your Dual Universe account (see here for more details).


Since you gifted your friend a DAC they most likely have not made their first steam purchase and thus do not currently have the non-demo version unlocked on steam. Thankfully Novaquark does not impose this kind of stringent requirement on their own launcher so if you friend wants to play on the persistent server using your DAC then they can procced to this DAC page to redeem it and then download the Novaquark launcher via the button at the bottom left.


Hope that helps. Please let me know if anything is unclear or if you have further questions.

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