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Tranquility, Where dreams are build

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At Tranquility we build the Future, we reshape the city as we see fit and we build friendships


The city houses residents, diplomats, shopping centrals, broadcasting networks, bars, casino's, crafting and large manufacturing facilities, repair and construct docks and much more.

At this moment Tranquility is running a new program to help smaller organizations to grow, build their dreams and stay Fully Independent. All the organizations residing on Tranquility can be in this program, if they want to be in it. We help you grow, get organized, bring contacts, time zone staff, 24-7 security.


Tranquility Security is backed by the FMA, several defense contracts and Non-Aggression-Pacs.


Last month we saw the first addition of our Lore published by Outpost Zebra, Thank you for making this possible!

We would love to share it and it can be found at:

Tranquility Lore Published on Outpost Zebra


Other news is the Founding of C.A.T.S and the bright future we will build together, becoming a resident does not automatically make you a C.A.T.S. Member.

Becoming a C.A.T.S member is voluntary and not mandatory for Tranquility Residents and this way we do not interfere your other Organizations

For those of you who are still looking for a nice place to live that does not interfere with your other Organizations Or alliances we still have room in Tranquility.











Every individual that is member of the City Tranquility is a resident.
All facilities are open for use for all residents, all Tranquility Docks and rooms are open for residents.

A Resident will be offered a small room and a place to park a small cored ship. In the restoration period of Tranquility the materials for building this room and park-spot are the residents responsibility. In time Tranquility  offers fully build rooms and parking spots for free.

The opportunity to build your own room in space is there.


For organizations that also want a district like the ones we already gave out feel free to contact us. 

Having a district or space-base docked to Tranquility does not automatically make you a C.A.T.S member.


Tranquility is independent, neutral, unbiased and hoping to work together with you all to become the largest Social shaped Space bound City.


For any questions contact Aaron Cain on discord












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Welcome back, CATS. Best wishes on Tranquility's future !


"Chronicles of Tranquility" from Dec. 2018 are no longer visible on the OZ website (site is down), any way to have them back somewhere ?.

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We at Tranquility are also looking for Roleplayers, not specifically in typing or chat but in game, If your character ingame is your roleplay char please join us!!

At the moment we are building up but the intention is to be a full operational all out group of people who like to do just what they like best.

There is also Lore and that will be shared soon after re-edditing but here is already a small part ;)


From the Chronicles of Tranquility:


“No! Noo! Nooo! Close your eyes Aaron!” and while a bright flash filled the room my memory started fading away.

It was a dark and stormy night in the second decade of the Third War of Sephirex Prime. In a rundown motel, a beeper was thrown at the wall, crashing as it hit. I was awake, my heart was still beating from the dream I had and the bottles of yesterday's reunion were lying all around; just like the blond and red-haired resistance fighters I took home. The red light of the system’s star glowed through the windows. I could only think of myself as lucky to have found the perfect princesses in the middle of this war-torn system.

In a corner of the room, I see the chair with my old coat. The BMC logo is barely visible, but hey, it’s still warm. Thinking about my old comrades, I wonder if they are still alive after that massive attack on the homebase.

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