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Suggestion = A different way to approche the Wipe


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I had a idea about a system what gives  the Player a wipe but also not a wipe here is my idea idk if its good but maybe intresting =

( Pls dont get confused with the normal Repair scrap i just took the name Scarp since it sounded good )

So the idea is we remove Quanta so all quanta is gone and we implement a new  decay system on items all items and we  fully remove schematics, from there on  we add 1 new currency it will be calld Scrap and scrap can be obtaind by  deleting items or broken items  or items what have decayd but only give you a small ammount of scrap.

Lets go deep first decay system =   The system would work like evry item got a spezific ammount of time until it stops working  ( not including voxel or deco elements only funcionel like enegins  . . . )
so for example  a L Atmo engine got a craft time of - - - i say now 5 hours as example  and the finished version got 10 times more hours then the craft time means you can use the item for 50 hours and when its Done aka time run out its inactive  so you can eather use Scrap  to renew the timer or  craft a fully new one and replace the old one.

Alright what does this mean Well we want a wipe but not a full wipe so all items in the game  will start at the exact same timer  and all qued items  are the fresh once basicly like a Wipe Timer unless you recraft the items quick but you might have so MANY that it would take a while and even if you got 5000 engines they would turn to scrap and reparing items with scrap or recraft them is basicly a Sink hole for scrap.

Cool but what about the market items from aphelia These could be buyd with scrap instad of quanta or be fully removed since we can craft any item again our self we just need resorces  or any different way how the dev's like i just post my idea here :D

Pvp would have a bigger meaning =  Since you destroy ships you can pickup all items or destory them for scrap so you gain more out of it then just a broken Pice it would also be fully worth to delete the enemy ship since  when you had a battle you need scrap for your own ship to repair also it works only if your out of combat.

This is just a idea idk what to add i was just thinking about the wipe multiple times and why we dont get a super clear YES or NO and not just the options they have so i was rethinking how it could been done if you implement something in a way as a wipe mecanic but not fully so you keep buildings and things.

The other idea i had was simple just make all items 1 Tier and implement a new Tier into the game so all low tier items are useless or can be used to craft better once but you need a huge ammount of them like 1  New tier engine would need like 2000 T1 normal engines  ( but i scrapt that idea ) XD

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I wouldn't be shocked if NQ closes this thread. They want "only" the two threads about the wipe, not that they'll engage in either one. 🤷‍♂️


I don't think NQ would be inclined to implement decay -- I think people have mentioned decay before.


IMO, the issue with timers is that they need to be tracked server-side. That means timestamps recorded for every functional element in the game and an extra layer of server-side lookups to return that data to clients. Personally, I'm not a fan of having to maintain stuff on top of all the other maintenance loops in the game...but I kind of doubt NQ would consider it purely for the extra infra costs it would require. 

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AWw oki sad face yehr im still searching for the awnsers since i will miss my ship if its gone since its close to full exotic and until that ship is back will take months anyways didnt see any decay stuff maybe i overread it somewhere but oki sad face well see how it goes :D i mean 5 years playtime i got time :D love the game  still

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In your example with the L-Engine and the 50 hours, how is that meant?
Do you want this engine to be repaired after 50 hours or after 50 hours of use? If it is a general 50 hours, you would have to repair the ship after 3 days. If it would count only after use, it depends more on how often you fly with your ship.

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