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Yeah, for a start, it could be nice to locally have cloudy days and sunny days. Right now the clouds are mostly just "there" and fairly temporal. Similarly with fog. In reality, based on the time of year and biome, its normal to have morning fog for example that starts appearing during the early morning, etc. The basics for this should be in the game iirc, all it needs is to adjust how they are used.

The next step after that, when you have cloudy days, could be rain, It would take some time, but it doesnt even need to be ground breaking. Creating some wetness textures overlays over everything (differentiating between inside and outside of voxel constructs might become a harder issue to solve) would add to it, but a simple rain effect could do wonders to add a bit to the feeling of having weather.


More than this will definitely take more work, such as winds etc., but it can be an incremental thing.

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