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The Empire is an autocratic organization, the largest organization in Dual Universe. It offers strong values and culture designed to immerse you into a living experience that entices any interest. From the avid PVP player to the builder, farmer and economic parties. No matter your interest the Empire guarantees you a position. We are Prosperous, Formal, Secure and Stable.
We already have a fantastic City on Ailoth as well as many outposts where players can 'settle' and set up a shop, we are working on a space station as well as construction of our haulers and warships.

We are certainly looking for people who really want to get involved.  Dual Universe can be quite complex and we will help you understand what this game can do for your enjoyment.  Of course if you want to get really involved there is always something that you can join in with!  We are now also moving to constructing a large space station as a futureproof project.


We offer new players a small hauler to use temporarily to get you straight into mining as well as a free blueprint to get you started and have members on hand to provide you help and advice in getting yourself set up in Dual Universe


In future we hope to add even more fun events from small ship PVP skirmishes, asteroid mining to hover bike racing!


Come visit our cities and territories to experience it yourself and view the manifest to learn more. https://discord.gg/GyRxzdB5Qw or to sign up please check our Org page in Dual Universe


We are on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/theempiredu
We are on Twitter https://twitter.com/duempire_

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