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It is still a big pain to create large cavities in the underground when attempting to build an underground base.

I suggest a small Digging Bot that does the hard work.

The player purchases or assembles such a bot. To use it, the player has to enter into the first input field an array of coordinates, separated by comma and space. These mark the area seen from above thatĀ  define the shape of the hole. The second input field is filled with two coordinates: separated with comma and space height lowest height and highest height. These two parameters define the height of the hole in the underground (to get these two coordinates, the player had to dig a small tunnel downwards). The digging bot will now move down that player-created tunnel until it reaches the height where the digging bot then begins to dig horizontally to theĀ  nearest of the coordinates from the first input field. From there, it digs to the next coordinate, and so on. then it digs through what remains in between these coordinates. Then it starts to go deeper and deeper following the same procedure until it has reached the bottom height. Finally the digging bot moves back to the surface (starting point, the player gets notified that the job has been done. All walls of the hole will be absolutely smooth, as laser was used for digging.

The question is what the digging bot will do if it encounters ore. I leave this up to you developers.

Optionally, the digging bot can store the soil in a linked container until that container is full. Then it continues to dig without storing any more soil.

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