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Update to our community


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This week we will be making some visible changes across the community areas of Dual Universe. While this is primarily affecting our forums, some changes to the community in general are included: 


  • Forum restructuring and clean up
  • EULA and Code of Conduct updates
  • Additional improvements on the way
  • Enforcement

Bored Boards:
The forums will be getting an overhaul over the next couple of weeks including the reduction and closure of some of the less active forum areas as well as an amalgamation of some of the remaining ones. This should help new and returning members of the community find the information they seek more quickly. We will be relocating some rarely-used sections into a read- only archive. 


In addition, we will be cleaning up the sea of pinned posts. We may have developed a pinning addiction in the past, we’re ready to move on from that now. 


We realize changing a community layout can feel overwhelming and chaotic, we are hoping to reduce the clutter and make it easier to get what you’re looking for faster! This isn’t the only plan we’re working on, but more on that later.


We will also be reopening the moderator application in the coming weeks. If you’ve ever wanted to get your mod on, this will be the time to apply. 


The Legal Stuff (EULA and Code of Conduct):

We have updated sections of the EULA and Code of Conduct to make it clear that we will not tolerate real money trading (RMT) within Dual Universe. Please take a few moments to review the changes.


Idea Box (forum):
We know there have been some recent concerns specific to this forum and we would like to address them. 


First up, and most importantly, we want to thank everyone who has posted in the Idea Box. You have provided our team with hours of entertainment, amazing suggestions and wonderful creativity; however, we have heard a rising number of complaints about not seeing those ideas manifest within the game. We assure you that every idea is read, but not every idea can be implemented. And remember that game development takes time. A lot of time.


Because we have so many ideas coming at us from the Idea Box, the UpVote page and more, we would like to remind and reassure you that our team is currently focused on the existing game plan and updating it to make sure that the performance is solid and that the game is fun to play. As we’ve said in recent blogs, you may not see a lot of obvious changes frequently, but we are hard at work behind the scenes.


We are going to restrict the Idea Box for the immediate future to feedback regarding the existing game loops and elements only. This is not to say we won’t look outside of that, but at this time we have a backlog of content and ideas and need to focus on the existing mechanics. Once we've cleared the backlog, we'll be in a better position to consider suggestions.

Now that the adaptation period of post-alpha and post-NDA lift is behind us, we are going to put more emphasis on the enforcement of our policies and tighten the consequences for people violating them. We are doing that in the spirit of continuing to build a welcoming and tolerant community of players.


Until then, thank you for your patience and patronage.


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