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DevBlog: Live Support Initiative

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Hello Noveans,

Over the past months, we have been working with the Support and Community teams to better identify the wants and needs of our players. These findings have sparked the initiative to implement a Live Support system to address some of the most common issues during peak times as well as address urgent tickets outside of office-hours. In addition, we’re adding some self-help tools that will enable you to resolve some of the most common issues without having to reach out to Support.

The changes described below will be included in the next update.


We are making it easier for players to help themselves in times of need. This is in the form of the following three features, one of which many of you will already be familiar with.


Global Chats

To better organize and filter the chat within the game, we are implementing the following channels:

  • General - Joined by default and can not be left.
  • Help - Joined by default and can be left.
  • Trade - Can be joined and left.

 You can interact with these channels by using the following commands in the text window:

  • /join - To join a channel, such as Trade, i.e. “/join Trade”.
  • /help - Lists all available commands.
  • To leave a channel, right-click on the channel tab.

We know that global channels have been in high demand from our community, and we’re thankful for that feedback and the opportunity to see them implemented. Please continue to provide feedback about our chat system on our forums.



If you have a dynamic construct that’s become stuck, you can right mouse button-click on the construct from your map view and click to Fetch. This will teleport the construct towards you, allowing you to reach and interact with it normally.

We had hoped to be able to make this redundant; however we have seen that there is still a need for it. We are now intending to leave this feature available for the entire duration of beta, initially with these parameters:  

  • Players can only fetch once per 24 hours.
  • Maximum range has been limited to 4,000 meters.
  • Players must be standing on a planet/moon’s surface.



If you find yourself trapped and unable to resume your current play, you can now use /unstuck in chat to free yourself in a random direction. This feature has the following limitations:

  • You can use this command once per five minutes.
  • This teleports you up to 100 meters in a random direction.
  • Teleports can not move players into the building zone of any construct.

Please note that the Fetch and Unstuck features are intended to be used only to free stuck constructs and avatars. Any usage outside of this scope may be considered an exploit and actioned accordingly. The team will be continually monitoring the behaviour and results of these features, tweaking when and where needed to ensure that players are not abusing these systems designed to help players in need.


It is important to emphasize that the purpose of Live Support is not to cover all game knowledge questions and assistance scenarios, at least not in this first incarnation. We’ve noticed that many of our community members enjoy helping and teaching other players. We strongly encourage everyone to join our forums where players and organizations can offer further guidance and services to each other.

That being said, our Support staff will be monitoring the in-game Help channel for any issues that are eligible for assistance, to offer advice regarding knowledge resources, or to recommend when players should file a Support ticket. 

Here is a sample of the assistance we may offer: 

  • Assistance with the tutorial.
  • Freeing stuck characters (if /unstuck does not work).
  • Raising constructs from below the surface (if Fetch did not work).
  • Fetching ships stuck in the sky above a planet (if Fetch did not work).
  • Refreshing glitched elements.


Should you encounter one of these issues, give us a shout out with a description of your issue via @GM in the Help channel. Please allow at least 10 minutes for a response, after which you may choose to file a Support ticket instead. With the implementation of Live Support, we are expecting a significant improvement to response time for urgent inquiries.

We are very interested in hearing your feedback and your thoughts about these changes. Please join the discussion here.

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